Saab 9-1: rumour and truth – part 2

Following on some cautious notes from the Saab 9-1, I was able to ascertain from Djup Strupe that there was an extremely small likelihood that the Saab 9-1 would be shown in London in July 2008, as suggested on other sites around the web.

My reasoning included several elements. Firstly, that Saab would have enough on their plate as it is with the 9-4x in January, a 9-3x at some other stage through the year and possibly even the 9-5 on show as well. Adding a 9-1 to that seemed like too much. I also figured that it might be too soon for a good 9-1 concept design to have taken shape to the extent that it would be ready for public display.

Rumours persist, however, and this one’s of particular interest.

svenml mentioned in comments that a guy named JW had posted on that the 9-1 concept would be shown in Geneva. This concurs with the Djup Strupe advice I’d heard that it won’t be in London.

ctm’s found the iSaab entry and writes as follows. The entry at iSaab says, in part:

It has just been revealed to dealers that the 9-1 will be presented at the auto show in Geneva. …The 9-4X will be revealed in Detriot in January. More news: 9-3 will shortly be available with XWD together with BioPower, but still no decision on XWD together with diesel.”

….and ctm gives some contextual comments on the entry as follows:

One thing: this guy writes perfect educated Swedish, something not often seen when people make quick anonymous comments on web sites. Just got a feeling he works at (or close to) Saab.

The original tip from svenml also mentions that this guy, JW, is pretty accurate in his prognostications.

M own experience with iSaab also prompts me to lend this some credence. Earlier this year when we were all on the trail of the 2008 Saab 9-3, iSaab proved to be a very good resource. It’s packed with Swedes and I’m quite sure that there’s a number there with inside knowledge of what’s going on there.

So, whilst I’m quite sure there won’t be a Saab 9-1 in London next year, maybe we’ll see it in Geneva instead. That’s only four months or so from now, so I’m a little skeptical still, but Geneva seems like the right forum for such a vehicle so maybe that’s where it’s going to happen.

It’ll sure be interesting to watch.

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  1. I hang around at and JW has never been wrong about his romours so far. He either a well connected salesman or works for saab with sales of some sort. He knows pricing and etc. early on in Sweden.

    So this is a very good source I most say

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