Saab 9-3 Aero with XWD – in April 2008 – in Belgium

Great spotting by Ian here.

It would seem that Saab of Belgium (land of Mrs Swade’s birth!) might have broken some ice on XWD availability in models other than the Saab Turbo X.

I’ve grabbed a screenshot of the page, where you can clearly see it’s an Aero model with XWD and 280hp, available around April of 2008 for a price of 42,450 Euro. No mention of Turbo X in the description and it’s listed as a variant in the Aero ‘form’.

What this will mean for other markets is as-yet unknown, but it’s nice to see someone letting some info slip, if indeed that’s what we’re looking at here. I’ve tried a couple of other European Saab sites and neither have this listing.

Saab Belgium – the frites and mayonnaise are on me! Click to enlarge.

Saab XWD

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  1. For me the ‘BELGISCHE FRIETEN’ (no french fries) without mayonnaise please, and some XWD on convertbles and TTiD’s instead …

  2. Frites? Mayonnaise? Come on you leave out the best: beer and chocolate!

    You can’t beak a Corsendonk or Orval…must lest a Westmalle Triple. Yum! Antwerp is the best city in Europe…beer heaven.

  3. Drink and drive don’t go together, so i never tried the combination of saab & westvleteren, but here are some interesting links for all who are willing to visit belgium’s pubs, theres is more than the standard ‘pintje’:

    (first one is a belgian government-link)
    (last one is about driving safely)

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