Saab 9-4x and Saab 9-1 news

There’s been many reports going around that the Saab 9-1 would be shown in London in July 2008. I asked around about this earlier this month and got word from a most trusted insider that that would not be the case.

Shortly after that, mention was made from what’s taken to be a reliable source at that the 9-1 concept vehicle would actually be shown in Geneva next year.

This morning, the local Trollhattan newspaper, TTELA, is saying that the 9-1 concept vehicle will be shown either in Geneva or perhaps later in the year, in Paris.


They’re also stating there that the 9-4x will indeed be shown in Detroit, in a concept form that’s going to be very close to the finished product. They state that the vehicle will come with the 250hp 2.9l diesel engine – very important for Europe – and with a BioPower variant as well.


Thanks ctm!

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  1. I think the ‘perhaps later in the year’ bit is important. Personally, I think Geneva will be too soon for the 9-1 in concept form. Methinks London is still a possibility if they don’t hit the Geneva deadline date. I’m planning to go to one of the Euro shows as well as the London one, so I’ll be very keen to know where the 9-1 will be shown. Will be nice to be able to ditch the Astra for another Saab.

    Paris is much easier for me than Geneva, with Paris I could probably drive there (take the Euro Tunnel then drive from Calais). Geneva is also driveable, but one would need to be a little more thorough with the planning. The 9-3 ‘vert would be a fab companion in such a journey methinks, especially with the Euro wide sat nav installed.

  2. My guess is that Detriot and Geneva is too close in time to show of two new cars/concepts. So one in the autumn sounds more true to me. But is Paris that big, or is Frankfurt a better show? What about the 9-5 “special edition” in Geneva?

  3. ctm, Frankfurt and Paris are on in alternate years. it was Frankfurt this year and it’ll be Paris in 2008.

    I was pretty conservative on Geneva as well as I just think it’s too soon. I think maybe Paris as well.

  4. Ah, never got that… Frankfurt has always been a big one from a Swedish perspective, so I just assumed it was every year. Doh… 🙂

  5. Hmmm, what chances then of any UK-spec 9-4x being on sale by December 08 to replace my leased 9-3SW?

    Can’t wait to see it, it sounds perfect for my needs – bit bigger than the 9-3 but sooner than the overdue 9-5. Does 9-3x feature in this timescale somewhere then?

  6. NEWS on the 9-1!!!!!!

    Swedish eveningpaper Aftonbladet and journalist Robert Collin repports the following in his Autoblog. He´s the one that braught us the news about the 9-3 Hybrid and it´s plug-in capabillitys.

    From Robert Collin:
    “Yes. It´s true and the first real car-scoop of the year-

    Saab displays a model, in the the class headed by the Golf, later this year. And not only that, the car is a so called PLUG-IN HYBRID were the batteries can be charged through the soccet-wich is unique- the combustionengine is run on E85 or petrol.

    Several years ago Aftonbladet reveled that Saab is to build a totaly new and smaller model in Trollhättan when the next generations 9-5 and 9-3 moves to the Opelplant in Rüsselsheim Germany.

    9-1 as the model will be called will be built on the same base as the next Opel/Vauxhall/Holden/Saturn Astra and the 9-1 will GM´s answer to the Audi A3, BMW 1-series and Volvos C30.

    The car that ofcoarse is a HATCHBACK has been designed by Brian Nesbitt that at the time was head of design/GM Europe.
    -:THE 9-1 IS THE COOLEST CAR I´VE EVER DESIGNED, says Brian Nesbit to Autoblog. (Bilbloggen)

    And now Bilbloggen as stated can reveal that a concept car with Plug-in-Hybrid and Ethanol engine will be SHOWN at the GENEVA autoshow IN MARCH!!!!!!!!!!

    And as thats not enough, one more reveal: This fall we will se THE NEW 9-5 that will GO ON SALE NEXT YEAR together with the new 9-4X. As Aftonbladet allready has revealed the new 9-5 will be larger than the current model and get a design that realy stands out.

    Talk about that the Generals wanting to get things rolling for Saab!
    /Robert Collin

    Cool aint it??!!!


  7. At last, a confirmed pipeline of new products – Saab has never had a stream like this – let’s be upbeat, in 12 months we will have all-new 9-4x, 9-5, and be 12 months away from 9-1. Presumably 9-3 will follow 12 months after that again? Terrific. We have been very patient, can’t come soon enough.

  8. Reading that once again got me all dreaming, but maybe not – assuming the new models are successful for Saab, the brand may finally see the end to cash depletion and accumulate enough resources to expand the model lineup even further.

    First on the list would be a modern-day Sonett, perhaps based on the upcoming 9-1. It would compete chiefly against the Audi TT, Mercedes SLK, and the BMW Z3. A larger SUV, e.g. a successor to the 9-7X, could also be a nice cash cow, but actually a more relevant product would be a larger sedan, to compete with the A8, the 7-series and the S-class. Actually seeing a Nordic politician (say, Sweden’s PM) in a big hot Saab on CNN would be quite the free marketing.

    Then Saab could think of a halo car, like the Audi RS8. It would be the new Aero X as this could come no earlier than 2015, and that of course assuming the new models do well. In the meatime, however, a Hirsch series of high performance vehicles, sold worldwide and under warranty, could potentially become a source of cash, too.

  9. Drool. I agree, if the 9-5 is a success, it lays the foundations for a 9-9 ubersaloon, but must remember that the A8 is in its 4th gerenartion and still not taken as seriously as 7-series and S-class. VW got badly burned with Phaeton and these cars are not cheap to develop. I prefer the idea of a 9-1 based Sonnet – a convertible version wouldn’t be too expensive? 9-7x would be ideal to compete head-on with Q7, X5, XC90 but again expensive to develop. I expect the replacement 9-3 will swallow up most of the development costs going forward and it needs to be GOOD!

  10. Very cool that Saab is bringing back
    the hatch. I only wished it would be
    bigger than that Saabaru 9-2x. One
    thing at a time, i suppose!

  11. the 9-1 is the 1 i’m really looking forward to. Hoepfully it will wipe the floor with the Volvo c30 and make saab highly competitive against the Germans

  12. Mark Belfast.. wrote “Drool. I agree, if the 9-5 is a success, it lays the foundations for a 9-9 ubersaloon, but must remember that the A8 is in its 4th gerenartion and still not taken as seriously as 7-series and S-class. VW got badly burned with Phaeton and these cars are not cheap to develop.”

    Absolutly Mark.. First we have the S-klasse.. Unrivaled since the 60´s as the ultimate luxury saloon among diplomates and dictators.. Then there is the 7-series wich is BMW´s answer.. Good and solid but not a car for the Big Boys other than Diplomates and wealthy people. The Audi A8 diraved from the Audi V8 Saloon and has since then been a car for a guy (mainly) with an upcomming business and that also has a heavy right foot. Audi is into the sporty/luxury side with that car and probably was disqualified due to that.
    BMW chose not to put an M badge on the 7 and Mercedes has done many things right with letting daughtercompany AMG handle the “power” side of the matter… Mercedes has also givven the cars differnt looks.. If Mercedes wants to do something sporty they hang up the rulers and instead go freehand like in the cases of CL and CLS. Sporty and does not look like a C-klasse.. AND THATS one of the things where Volkswagen went wrong.. They chose a design that resembled the Passat.. the average Joe´s car.. AND, the brand is an every peoples brand.. Audi is the Premium brand within V.A.G (Volkswagen Audi Gruppe) and people with money.. say 100.000 Euros would not invest in an Average Joe´s car for that kind of money.. They can get a 7-series with the works for that kind of money. Foolish to say the least.
    Saab on the other hand is a respected brand, but to anonymous to the general public. Few people ever think Saab when they think about buing a new vehicle. Two things are beginning to change this though.. BioPower and the Aero-X (for car interested people)
    If Saab were to build an XXL premium Saloon many things would have to come into play to make it succed.. BUT with on a better ground than VW had with the Phaeton.
    1. Set the price in line with the BMW 7-series. That would mean that they mean business and draw attention to luxury car buyers. But not NOT NOT in line with VW Phaeton.. Thats just idiotic.
    2. Make the style of the car dramatic but still laid back like on the S-Klasse. People should know that it is a Saab but the leave the sporty stance for a GT or a sports car. (Swedish company Koenigsegg could never sell a streched CCX as an S-Class rival 😉 )
    3. Material, Material, Material…

    God my broken hand hurts! But…

    If nobody has sent the information regarding the 9-1 Hybrid and the soon arival of the 9-5 to Swade allready I will doo so now. I will also write to Robert Colin and see if Swade and Robert could meet in Detroit for a while and get to know eachother a tad.

    Ps. Dan9-1.. The C30 Does not sell that well because it it looks like it´s been beaten with the ugly-stick. 😉 Those taillights.. uuhhh. It wount be a competitor… Ds.

    Cheers lads!

  13. yeh after looking at the c30 again I see what you mean tompa, but I was basically talking about the swedish offerings (i.e the c30) because saab don’t have one at the moment. hopefully its a stunner though 😀

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