Saab 900 Commemorative Editions – restoration and sale

A few weeks ago I was cruising around the blogoshere when I stumbled over an article where a guy had bought a 1994 Saab 900 Commemorative Edition in the US. The guy’s name was Dave LaChance and he’s a writer for Hemmings.

If you’re not familiar with Hemmings, they deal with collectors cars and have a magazine about vehicles for sale and the history of various marques etc. They also have an automotive blog, which is where I stumbled over the purchase story.

I and a few other commenters enquired about the condition of the car now (the purchase post was more than just a few months old) and Dave has responded on the blog with an update about the condition of the car.

All up, it’s been a slow process and it’s still ongoing, but if you’re into following projects of this type then it might be worth a bookmark.

There were 500 Commemorative Edition convertibles made in 1994. All were black with a tan top, speciall issue wheels, and a special engine and trim setup. Quite nice and definitely quite collectable for a Saab enthusiasts.

Saab 900 Commomorative Edition

Dave’s latest post on his restoration led me to Ric DiDonato’s Saab 900 Commemorative Edition register. There’s a number of fact sheets about the cars there, as well as a register of owners, complete with edition numbers and mileages – and importantly – whether their cars are for sale.

I was amazed as I flicked through the register how many of these convertibles were on the market. Some of the ads are a little old and it’s unclear whether the cars would still be available, but if someone’s in the market for a “collectavertible” then this might be something worth checking out.

There were also a limited number of tin-top Commemorative Editions made in 1993, and there’s a register for these as well on the website.

Good stuff, and a great resource for fans of these limited edition Saabs.

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  1. Has anyone here driven one of the 185 hp / 201 torque cars. I had an SPG box in my 88 900 T which was supposed to develop 165 hp and about the same in torque. I’d like to know how much of a difference 20 hp and 40 lb ft would make. It sounds like a nice option for that body style.

  2. Hey, Baracuda, add that car to the registry would’ya?

    Webmaster, thanks for the mention of the registry. We are trying to keep track of these rare vehicles. I expect some more registrants from this mention.

    Also, there was a series of CE’s made for the Canadian market. I’m not sure if they were marketed as such, but the specs were the same, and a carfax search identifies them as CEs. I know they exist, but we don’t have any Canadian registrants yet (other than US cars brought up).

  3. I drove one while shopping for my first Saab last year and am still kicking myself for not buying one. what a hoot with the turbo rush. This was before I could afford taking out a personal loan for a car, as of course, it was priced way above retail value
    I ended up with a black 9-5 Aero many months later (also tested a Viggen, a 9-3SS Arc and Aero), but still lust for a classic 900C.E. hatchback.
    If anyone wishes to buy me a 900CE hatch, I will gladly accept…it would help us out when we get our TurboX in the showroom.

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