Saab dealer does something cool – gets named at Edmunds!

Thanks to Aeronaut for passing this one on.

Edmunds have taken a look at some of the far-end services offered at dealerships in the US. When I say far-end, I mean those extra features or services you probably wouldn’t have thought of that will make customers take that little extra notice, and keep coming back.

For example, there’s a Mercedes dealership on the list that will give you a free shuttle to the airport when you’re travelling. No need to get your car serviced or anything, it’s just a free shuttle they offer to their customers. When you return (again, via their shuttle) your ride is spotless and ready to go as they’ll wash your car while you’re away.

I’m pleased to say that a Saab dealer also made the list.

Concours Saab in Milwaukee were noted for the in-house kids museum and workshop they’ve got there:

Concours Motors Saab knows how to build brand loyalty early. The dealership sponsors a children’s museum exhibit in Milwaukee that “transforms” children into certified Saab mechanics. Wearing mechanics’ uniforms, children fix a replica of a Saab 9-3 by changing foam-filled mufflers and tires, checking and adding engine fluids, and changing the oil and filter. According to Sales Manager Derek Stackhouse, “parents love the exhibit as much as their kids — we see a lot of people who have visited the museum and end up purchasing a vehicle from us.”

What a great idea! I know there’s challenges in attracting and retaining customers, and the ‘kids’ angle probably isn’t one that’s thought about too much in relation to cars as kids are a long way from buying one. But….hook the kids, hook the parents.

Concours Motors

Do you know of any other Saab dealerships that offer something special like this?

If you do, leave a note in comments and I’ll be happy to give their special service some column space here.

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  1. Saab USA should offer a package kit to dealers wanting to do this. Great idea since kids and Saab safety make a good fit.

  2. Hook the kids, hook the parents? Bah. I’ve been trying to convince my dad to replace his TL with a Saab for a year now but he’s hell-bent on getting a TL-S when his real estate firm gives him his next bonus.

    Still, this is pretty cool.

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