Saab pride – Australian style

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Oi! Oi! Oi!

It’s time for yet another entry in the Pride of Ownership competition, sponsored by yours truly and Elkparts. Full details of the competition and the prizes are available here.

This is Simon A’s Saab 9-5 and maybe this will be of interest to Eggs as he continues his search for a suitable Saab. It’s got the huge-bang-for-your-buck BSR upgrade that turns the stock LPT into a very handy little performer.

Anyway, I’m distracting from Simon’s story, so here it is:


The photo was taken at dusk on the top of Mt Major, halfway between Benalla and Shepparton on the Goulburn Valley Highway. Mt Major is responsible for holding all of the radio towers for the broadcast of Television, Radio and all sorts of other EM goodness. The company I work for is responsible for repairing the transmitters that forward the calls sent to the pagers of the local Emergency Services.

My ageing (1997!) 9-5 gets run all over the countryside, often claiming over 1000km in a week. It is also the beneficiary of a Stage 1 BSR Upgrade, TD-04 Aero-spec Turbo, Forge Motorsport Dumpvalve, Open Element K&N Intake, and soon to be the recipient of a new clutch due to the tourqe now being produced! It (conservatively) now produces ~180kW and ~400Nm. Not bad for a 10yo with 205000km on the clock!

The car spends a lot of its time crammed to the gills with all sorts of equipment and boxes of stuff – In the photo you can see in the back window the box for one of the transmitters we use. The box is too big to fit in the boot opening. One more cry-out for a hatchback!

I am a very proud Saab owner, and my car is one of only 2 9-5’s in a 200km radius. I love every minute spent behind the wheel.

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Aussie Saab

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  1. Great story. Great-looking car, too.


    (I often use the Yiddish-derivative oy which means almost the total opposite of oi, from what I can tell. Oy means “Oh, no!” or expresses exasperation (something like a sigh).)

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