Saab Pride – Belgian Style

What a job! Wilfried sent in over 30 photos to choose from for this installation of the Saab Pride of Ownership competition. I’ve whittled it down to 3-per-car for each of his two Saabs.

Entries for the competition close December 31st (which will be Jan 1st my time as I’ll pass the date line before most of you).

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This house was designed by my wife and myself for my brother in law and his family. It’s situated in the outskirts of the Belgian city of Brugge.

What makes the building interesting as a setting for the Saab are the clean modern lines as a background. What makes the Saab interesting in front of this particular building is the fact that the owner of the house is a hardcore Ovlov-chauffeur. The fleet changed recently from V40 & V70 towards V50 & XC90, so family-meetings have always been competitive, Swedish-style.

Saab Belgium

About this 9-3:

It’s the daily driver that replaced a similar model in cosmic-blue, that’s now resting in peace after a severe accident in 2001. At the moment it’s covered about 170,000km. I bought it in 2001 with less than 30,000km. It’s an SE-fully-specced diesel with a humble 115 hp.

About Borgloon:

It’s a very tiny city in the east of Belgium, with a medieval centre wich is build on this hill. Countryside around has the same character. A region known for its fertile soil, already in Roman-times, 2000 years ago.

Saab Belgium

And safe n sound back at home….

Saab Belgium


About this 9-5:

This 9-5 is a replacement for our 900 i-16 convertible. It’s a 9-5 Vector Sport with 1,9 TiD.

About the setting:

The small wall on the right of the car is part of the wall around the city of Tongeren, Belgium. The wall is actually about 2000 years old and build by the Romans. There’s a hill on the left side of the car, which housed the Romans’ man-made aquaduct, to provide fresh water for the city.

The gate in wood is only about 10 years old and part of a temporary art exhibition, called Archi-Arché.

Saab Belgium

Saab Belgium

Saab Belgium

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