Saab Pride – Cali Style

The time has come for another journey into Saab ownership vis a vis what do people own, where do they drive it and what’s cool about it?

This competition comes you in part via the generosity of the good Elks at Elkparts, the letter S and the number 9.

Today’s entry comes to us from John G:


The Photo is on top of Mt. Diablo State Park, Walnut Creek, CA.

This is my third Saab. My previous Saab was an “88” 900 S, all black tinted windows and chromed rims. Unfortunately it was stolen.

The first was a Saab 96 V-4. I had always been intrigued by Saab design and engineering. This car was a very interesting ride. You could roll the windows down while on the freeway and receive almost no air turbulence in the vehicle. Also while going to work one day on the freeway I encountered the car violently react to something at about 60MPH.

After arriving at work someone pointed out my Saab had taken a hit from a bullet that hit about ten inches below the drivers door. It did not penetrate the metal. Even though the angle possibly caused the bullet to deflect, if the metal was a lesser gauge the projectile would have most likely entered the passenger compartment.

That’s my Saab story.

Saab 900S

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  1. Swade, I just have to say this, the POO comp is just a fab idea!!

    It really is nice to see other saabs all over the world in so many diverse environments! It’s also nice to see other Saab owners taking so much pride in their cars. This comp is truly showing how proud we are to be part of the Saab family.

    One thing that really strikes me, is the singularity, or perhaps harmony is a better word, of all the owners. I’m fairly sure we would all get on if we ever decided to head down to the pub for a meal or a drink (although I’m t-total, no alcohol for me, I’m just naturally tipsy πŸ™‚ ), and we would all get on like a house on fire!

    The character of the brand certainly filters through into the character of their owners, there is a definite lineage there. It’s also nice to see that we all have a great eye for a camera shot!

    Perhaps it’s down to the values of Saab, perhaps it’s down to the stealthy performance of the brand, or heck, perhaps it’s just because we are all nice people that I think this place is not just a blog. It has turned into a mini community, one that is inspired by a great writer/owner of the site, and its contributers.

    This Pride Of Ownership competition is just another example of this. It has brought an already like minded community even closer together. It’s a fabulous exercise and I think everyone who visits this site can appreciate it.

    Swade, I for one would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a superb site, and long may it continue!

    Long live, and here is to all the POO’s of the future!

  2. John G, I have a photo somewhere of a Saab 96 that a U.S. dealer shot full of bullet holes on the driver’s door and then used the car for advertising. None of the bullets penetrated the inner layer of metal!

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