Saab Pride – Colorado Style II

It’s time for another Pride of Ownership competition entry. Find out all the requirements at that link, send in your pictures and you could win either the Saab library prize (5 Saab books) or the Elkparts Saab expressions prize, or the 1GB UrSaab USB drive.

You can view all of the entries so far by clicking here.


Today’s entry comes from Saab9x, and I think he does a great job of explaining the images he’s sent in. Nothing more required from me, except to say thanks a bunch for sending these in and that’s one very slick looking 900 you’ve got there. I’m not sure I’ve seen those wheels on one of these before. Very, very nice.

9x Saab


The pictures were taken today (December 5, 2007) en route from my office (and home) in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to one of my other offices, in this case, in Denver.

I live 20 minutes away from Garden of the Gods (GOTG) park and, yet, I haven’t visited in years. DenverNewbie’s “pride” entry was all the motivation I needed. It was nice to experience the open space. I’m more a of “city slicker,” so I easily forget the feeling of “outdoors” beauty.

Please pardon my obligatory shots at GOTG. DenverNewbie covered all the angles, splendidly; mine are merely cheap imitations, which allow me the privilege to introduce my ’94, 900s.

My Saab story is pretty simple. I’ve never owned any other car brand. My 900s was purchased new and is closing in on 200,000 miles. It’s at roughly 184,800 miles, but sometimes I drive 5,000 miles a month (for work), so 200k could here sooner, rather than later. It doesn’t drip fluids–a fate of my 4 previous (used) saabs–and is a great daily driver. My goal is to make it last until a new 9-3 is unleashed. A 9-1 sounds promising, as well. I’m probably overly optimistic, so I may be looking at an XWD model in a few months.

The brand imbues a spirit to which I’ve always been attracted. Mannered and serious where necessary; but otherwise, impish or playful (or words to that effect).

Oh, yeah, the non-GOTG shot was taken once I got to Denver, about an hour later. The architecture reminds me of a pier (in the city). I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s about a mile from Coors Field, where the recent World Series magic didn’t happen.

So there we have it.



And here are the rest of the photos, which will be enlargeable later today….

9x Saab

9x Saab

9x Saab

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  1. Lovely car, lovely pics, and lovely weather!

    I’m having REAL trouble getting a chance to enter this comp, unfortunately, the weather here in the UK has been awful, it rains every day and we hardly see the sun. I’m really hoping for a clear weekend this week, I already have a spot picked out close to where I live and can’t wait to take some pics, just need to get permission of the property owners.

    This entire year has seen horrid weather in the UK, so much for global warming, we didn’t even get over 30 degrees this summer!! πŸ™

  2. Awesome pics of an awesome black Saab 900!

    Black is my favorite Saab color w/ steel grey & lightning blue being tied for 2nd.
    Sorry Swade πŸ˜‰

  3. Andrew, Swade, Saab9x, et al: YES!!

    What have I been telling you people for eternity (so it seems) — three spokes rule. Great car. Great shots. I especially like the way that Saab9x dressed to match the car. Nice touch.

    I think that if we get DN and 9x together that they may be a great TEAM entry to the POO sweepstakes — silver and black make a complementary combination, they obviously have the back drop for a winning entry in the GoG, good eye for photos, etc.

    It could work, I’m telling you. Extra points for local connections via Tasmania!

  4. Oh, and Kaz: I lived three years in Denver, and I’ll tell you this: For all of the reputation that Denver has for large amounts of snowfall, it is a very mild climate, actually. DNew and 9x can weigh in on this, but Denver has probably 300 days of sunshine each year. When it snows, it really snows, but it’s melted and gone in two or three days. and the weather is back to 50 deg F (10 deg C) and in the sun, that feels warmer than it really is. Something like the high desert.

  5. really good-looking car, 9x!
    Colorado Springs is sadly also the focus of the news (as well as for TS) this month, isn’t it?
    I told you I was looking for a black 9-3 when I found my little silver one – that black is indeed beautiful (and she sure looks loved on, too!)
    -as a minor point of interest I’d like to add something to the picture of that bridge saab9x took here in Denver.
    This summer my daughter got engaged on that bridge!
    Cool spot!
    Cool story, 9x!

  6. No, Eggs! Aaagh!!!
    It’s freezing here, and terrible weather, and everyone hates it here!
    (we’ve got enough Texans moving in…) πŸ˜‰

  7. Andy: You know, I had my fill of Colorado in the three years that I was there. Great place to visit, but I just didn’t take to it as a place to live. I’m an Easterner.

  8. thanks for the all the nice comments. the photography sessions were more fun than i anticipated.

    the car makes me grin quite often. and there seems to be the habitual “lookback” once it’s parked.

    the 16″ super aeros have a nice visual appeal. (at least they seduce me quite easily.)

    denvernewbie: thanks for the bridge info. and congrats on your daughter’s engagement. great shots. that rainbow is awesome, too.

    eggs is right about the weather. we get many days of sunshine. on the other hand, i can’t say i enjoy the snow, but at least it doesn’t stick around too long, usually.

    i’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s saab “pride.”

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