Saab Pride – Colorado Style

It’s time for yet another entry in the Trollhattan Saab Pride of Ownership competition.

The competition calls for Saab owners to show off their cars and something of the place where they live, and share a little about why both are special. There’s some great prizes on offer, provided by both Trollhattan Saab and the site’s long-time supporter and sponsor, Elkparts.

Today’s entry comes from Denvernewbie, a man who clearly draws inspiration and lives in a truly inspirational place. I found it really difficult to keep myself down to just five photos here. You can view all of the photos, with DN’s comments, as a Flickr slideshow by clicking here.

I just want to thank DN for going to the effort he went to so that he could record and share these images. There’s some truly beautiful countryside there and of course, one heck of a sweet Saab as well!


Click any of the images to enlarge.

Saab Colorado

From Denvernewbie:

I have often considered running for public office. For those of you who don’t know – despite what you may have heard – at the local level the pay is miserable. In order to finance my foray into public life I felt led to start my own business. Incorporating my own business was to be my way of financing the needs of life, while I ‘volunteered’ my time in elective office. So, August 2001 I resigned my position at a Fortune 500 company as a Sales Professional and incorporated my new business venture. I bought, fixed up, and sold homes for a profit.

Three weeks later the calendar read September 11, 2001. We all remember it as 9-11.

Saab ColoradoMy first home sold for a nice profit. The next 3 homes made progressively less money for me. By mid-2002 my wife was hinting (you and I both know that, by the time we guys hear the ‘hints’, she’s been using a sledgehammer with a megaphone for a month!), and by the end of that year I took a sales job – for meager pay – at the local dairy. We had borrowed money to keep up on the mortgage, and my dear wife was carrying a large part of the load – AND most of the worries.

Over a year later I had landed a good job in the insurance industry, but it seemed to be going nowhere. Then the transmission on my 4-Wheel Drive Ford Explorer started slipping – again. Bleak? Yeah. Somehow I still trusted my God to make things right. And He did.

It was late 2005. When I was at my bottom, driving to work in a vehicle with a short life expectancy, with no visible way to dig my way out – I prayed for a nice dependable car. I knew I couldn’t afford one. Heck, I was shopping the papers for beaters. That summer a friend of mine had introduced me to the cars he sold – at the local Saab dealer. I had test-driven a 2005 9-3 SS and LOVED THE SURGE!!! Duh!

Saab ColoradoSo, I hunted for weeks for a driveable Saab in decent condition and God blessed me with the car in these pictures. I didn’t deserve it, but this 1999 Saab 9-3 has since marked a turning point in my life.

No, the Saab did not turn my life around. God did that. I do believe God started pouring out his blessings again, but my little silver 9-3 does mark a point in my life when things started looking up.

Since then my career in the insurance industry has steadily shown more promise. This year, for our 25th wedding anniversary my wife and I travelled to Rome, and my 3rd daughter will be married in February.

Did my little silver 9-3 have anything to do with it? Naaw, of course not, but I don’t really want to get rid of her, either….

Saab Colorado

So, to honor this little 9-3 for Swade’s POO contest, I headed to the ‘Garden of the Gods‘ in Colorado Springs, a local landmark park. I had long understood the history of the naming of this park to have been attributed to the local Indian tribe that once roamed the prairies here along the Front Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. While researching I discovered instead that some of the first white men that found it named it the ‘Garden of the Gods’, but I like the story about the Indians better.

Either way, it’s a beautiful area, and a far cry from ‘non-descript mountains and brown grasses’, as Jeff from Ohio claimed!

At any rate, every picture in the attached link was taken in the park, including the picture of Cheyenne Mountain.



Saab Colorado


There’s around 30 photos in total at the slideshow on Flickr, including a number of locations that I haven’t featured here. DN’s also included comments with most of them.

Again, I’d like to thank him for the effort he went to in order to get these images so we could all enjoy them here.


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  1. Nice to read your comments about God. I can vouch to the same provisions over my lifetime. And on several occasions it’s been the provision of an inexpensive, enjoyable car. Thanks again for the reminder.

  2. Hi Denvernewbie, I’m glad to hear that things turned out well so far for you and that you enjoy your SAAB ! What’s the black front cover for ? Is it a protection ?

  3. Amazingly beautiful shots and of course gorgeous car. I would have been crapping my pants though taking that picture with that huge rock just hanging on, i can imagine it’s been like that for a gazillion years, but knowing my luck a fly would have sat on it and the thing would crumple my car πŸ™‚

  4. Wow, great story.

    I lived in the Eastern suburbs of Denver for three years in the late 1980’s. I had my first Saab then. The scenery can be great near/in the Rocky Mountains as you see in these pics. Great!!

    Unfortunately, Aurora, Colorado had all the charm of of your average economically depressed almost-high-crime desert town in the late ’80s. I was not a fan.

  5. Nice car. Nice shots. I’m driving my 9-5/Gary Fisher edition out to the Rockies next summer. I might even take along the Saab bike.

  6. Great photos & great Saab lovin’!
    Can’t wait to get a car that’s worthy of shooting in front of national/local landmarks
    and submitting to this site!

  7. Great Saab pride photos!
    However… please, somebody from US or Canada, explain me why so many car owner use those extremly ugly front protector on the cars, which completely destroys the harmony of stylish design?
    I love my Viggen, but no chance to cover her beautiful nose with that mask… no way!
    I know, it will result many small damages from the small stones, but actually, I don’t care much, it’s normal. It makes less visual derogation than an ugly black mask…

  8. vagabond: do you mean the Saab bike (the Gary Fisher one) that came along with your 9⁡ or the Saab Everywhere Bike?

    If the Gary Fisher, would you please snap some pics of your bike and e-mail them to Swade? I’ve been interested in this bike and have never seen one, not being able to find a pic on the internet. I think that this would be a good thing for the archives here at TS.

  9. well, Andreas and Ivan, try to explain why you like one car’s looks over the other; it’s probably just a matter of personal preference.
    I actually like the look of the bras. A few comments over the past months have proven that many of you don’t like them, I know. But you’re not driving it… πŸ˜‰
    Maybe I have a fondness for these bras because I really wanted a black 9-3, and anything that makes it look more black….

  10. Exactly, Grip
    I have a Gary Fisher/Saab bike that looks like new.
    I don’t hear much about the Gary Fisher Saab. This car came with a lot of bells and whistles.

  11. Denvernewbie,
    Ok, I got you, but… I have seen in Canada so much of those black nose masks and it shows me that it’s a kind of local preference of North America. I have been in 26 different countries and I have never seen them in any other places, or just a few.
    I always feel those black masks just like the camouflage of the next generation cars under testing on spy photos, they’re just hiding the most characteristic part of the cars, doesn’t matter, what brand and type is it…

  12. “I wonder if God believes in me?”


    Anyway, nice pictures. Every time I see another entry in this contest, I get annoyed because I can’t take my perfect picture, because there’s nowhere to friggin’ take it. I could totally win if I could just get my car on top of a building somehow.

    Where’s the picture of God?!

    Oh, nm, I see Him. :p

  13. vagabond: I’m pretty sure the Gary Fisher Edition Saab was a U.S.-only special edition of the 9-5. Maybe that’s why there’s not a lot about it on the web. Maybe if you were to give info (such as specs that make this edition special) to Swade he might do a future ‘blog entry on that special edition.

    I’d really like to see pics of the bike if you have them.

    A few years ago I was looking at buying a road bicycle and I wanted a Saab bicycle jersey (didn’t know if they existed, but I looked anyway). I know Saab sponsors the U.S. television coverage of Le Tour de France so I figured there must be some amateur bicycle racing team sponsored by Saab. I came across some Gary Fisher Saab Team jerseys, but they were really expensive (apparently only issued to the team) and they were for mountain biking, not road biking (don’t know if there’d be a difference in the jerseys).

    Isn’t Gary Fisher based in Colorado?

  14. Nice story.

    But do we do God here?

    I don’t mind if we do to some degree- it’s not my personal stuff, but each to their own.

    As long as I am allowed to politely disagree.

    Does anyone else have a view?

    Swade what’s your line on that subject – not personally but for the site?

    Anyway, great story, great pics and i enjoyed it.


    jk, lance :p

    Personally, I think if someone wants to talk God on here, that’s their business. I also think that it’s their point of view, and you don’t really NEED to politely disagree. Just ignore it if you don’t like it. The point of this contest is pictures and why your Saab is important to you. God played a big part in why denvernewbie’s Saab is important to him, so his story wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense without Him.

    I mean, you said it yourself at the end, there, lance,”great story, great pics…” That’s all that matters in this contest, and it really doesn’t figure into the site at all.

    If Swade starts evangelizing in the regular posts, then maybe bring it up. But it’s a non-issue here.

  16. ’85 Grip,
    I’ll try and get pics. In the meantime try going to ‘
    or do a Google on gary fisher saab.

  17. vagabond: I shy away from saabnet due to bad experiences I’ve had there.

    As for the whole deity discussion, I was willing to just ignore the whole thing, but it appears some here wish to make it an issue. Just remember, not everyone believes in God. We need to respect everyone’s views even if we disagree with them. Remember, there are two subjects a gentleman should never bring-up in polite conversation: politics and religion. πŸ˜‰

  18. My thoughts, Lance? Religion isn’t an integral part of this site and generally won’t be included or excluded specifically. But where i’ve asked someone to share their story and their faith is part of that, then it’s not my place to refuse to publish it (within reasonable limits, of course).

    I’m not gay and don’t understand the attraction at all, but I’ll still report on Saab’s standing in the LGBT community as it’s a Saab story. This is DN’s Saab story and I don’t think it was overtly evangelistic, but ingrained in DN’s Saab experience.

    FWIW – I was a practicing Christian (I even have one year of theological college under my belt)until around 2001 when my ex-wife and I separated. She got the house and the church and I never felt comfortable going elsewhere. So I’m not divorced from the issue, nor particularly sympathetic, either.

    The bottom line is that DN had a Saab story to tell and got up at 4am to go and shoot some great photos specifically for the purpose of sharing that story here. I’m just grateful he thought enough of the site and the brand to be willing to do that.

  19. Ivan (and others): in many US locations, including Colorado, the road crews put down sand and grit to help traction in the snow. The front of any car will take a beating without some protection. However, I agree that the cure may be worse than the sickness.

    God is appropriate in the course of the narrative; it’s dn’s story. Debate, not so much. My two cents.

  20. I think this site is a great forum for people to share their “personal” believes with the common thread – a great love of all things SAAB. We may not all share those believes but each of us has a right to them without fear of criticism particularly when not of an extremist nature.
    Great story, great pictures and great sentiment – keep sharing!

  21. This is old stuff now, so I doubt this will be read, but, as I said, I was questioning – not criticising – nor wanting to make an issue- just to see it clarified. As policy is now clear- fine- but I do feel that if ‘God’ has been cited in an article, one should have the right to seek a touch of policy clarification.

    I guess if we can all agree to disagree- thats good. Of course, Vagabond’s view that we s’hould not leave God out’ and offer ‘him’ thanks is a difficult one for me as it assumes many things that I and others might not accept and therefore have a different view on.

    Anyway, seems we have all aired our views! We best agree to disagree then…

  22. Wow!
    I guess this means I won’t be getting the votes I was hoping for in Swade’s POO contest. πŸ˜‰
    I attempted to submit a story and pictures that could be enjoyed by all of you.
    It’s my story…

  23. Denver,

    As I said- I enjoyed the story and the photos.

    I think everyone did.

    I don’t think my comments were negative-just a different perspective.

    Enough said perhaps.

    Best wishes

  24. lance, I certainly took no offense at all.
    I have been inspired by your words and work here on TS before, and am most pleased you found my entry enjoyable.
    take care,

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