Saab Pride – French Style

It’s time for yet another entry in the Saab Pride of Ownership competition. Great pictures, great stories, great Saabs and great prize to be won.

Thanks again to Elkparts for the support.


Those of you who frequent Saab forums online will know that there’s one particular guy in France who’s very, very passionate about his Saabs. He represents a lot of what a Saab nut is, and exhibits the happiness I wish I had more often. He really is an inspiration.

This photo should tell you just about everything:

Golfhunter Flag

His name is Jeff but online he goes by the name Golfhunter.

He’s sent through pictures of his three Saabs, two of which I’d seen before, but this 900 was new to my eyes. We got a few of these two-tone models here in Australia and I always thought they looked special. There’s a couple still in Hobart and they always make me smile.

As always, click to enlarge.

Saab France

More from Golfhunter below:

A picture of my Tartine , taken not in the desert but in the fields of the well known French region called Champagne . It was on the way to the meeting put together by Etienne in Huy.

I have owned Tartine since August 2006 . I found her on , and took an airplane to bring her back from Sweden (in Lund) to France. I bought her by night under a strong rain.

A great memory.

Saab France

Behind is the city where I live: Grenoble with the Alps.

A friend of mine (Gerard Mourlot) had a friend who wanted to sell this car.

I went to see her and fell in love. It’s my first oldtimer. I never thought before that I would own such an old car in my life. This car belonged to the telephone company of Sweden from 1969 to 1977. Then a Swedish guy had her 2 years and then sold her to a French guy in 1979. She lived 10 years in Paris and then ended up being stored by the guy who sold me the car. She hadn’t taken the road for 6 years when I bought her!

I love her also because we are born the same year: 1969.

Saab France

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  1. I think you got a pic of that 900 somewhere in the archive. At least, I do remember a 900 with the Alps in the background. Beautiful pic!

  2. Hi folks ,
    I send you a “Hello” from Switzerland where I will finish 2007 with Saab enthusiats .
    It s always a great pleaure to chat with you all here and a anywhere else . My dream would be a big international meeting .Maybe one day when we ll be rich and famous LOL !
    Swade , thanx for having corrected my english sometimes “comme ci comme ca “.

    Happy new year !!!

  3. God bless you Jeff, I have a dress just like yours but I think its a bit shorter. I hope there will be a few new pictures on Flickr of you and your mates in the mountains.

  4. BTW : Swade , the bitone of my 900 is not a genuine painting but a repaint I did 2 years ago . I had seen a 900 bitone in the APC video in Black and blue and fell in love with that painting

  5. Jeff, I just love the picture of your 95 with the mountains in the background, well done. Kerry (not Robin!!)

    Welcome Kerry! Now we just need Azzy to start leaving comments 🙂 – SW

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