Saab Pride – German Style!

Strike up another entry the Saab Pride of Ownership Competition, brought to you by the elves here at Trollhattan Saab, and the good folk at Elkparts, where they can’t sell you a full elk, but one in parts is no problem!

Today’s entry comes from long-time visitor to this blog (and that’s always appreciated) – Saabaudi. So let’s go discover yet another visitor’s Saab, and find out a little about where it lives:


Living near the German river Rhine, the environment of our town is characterized by plants of the chemical industry and steam generating stations. Of course in our neighbourhood there are many landscapes where you will find forests, hills or seas and very famous buildings in very old cities. In the beginning of summer wide fields of yellow raps are moving in the slight wind. Here the basis for bio-diesel is growing.

Until now in this photo competition pictures with a nice background have been shown a lot . Therefore I want to show a bit of the other side – perhaps a more prosaic one.

The photos were taken in our area this year some months ago.

In the first photo you will see in a window the mirror-image of our 9-3 in its winter-rims while we are crossing the Rhine on a ferry for persons and cars. Left and right of the window a small part of the river.

Swimming Saab

The second picture is self explaining. In the background one part of the greatest steam generating station in Europe. The basis for the electric energy is lignite. Therefore such stations are more and more in discussion due to their climate influences since they are emitting great amounts of carbondioxide. Not to forget the similar discussions relating to cars with classic engines like the actual Saab.

Power Stations

The third one shows the 9-3 near the Rhine. In the background the lights of a chemical plant.

Saab at night

The last image was taken in June shows a more lovely side of our area.

Saab SportCombi

The car is our 8th Saab since 1973. It`s a 9-3 SC Vector 1.8t automatic with 195 hp by Hirsch performance. In our opinion the car has one disadvantage revealing a curious rattling of its body if we are driving on rough streets. But nevertheless in summary this Saab is the best one we owned since we started our career with this brand.

This 9-3 is a long distance-runner specially when we are driving on the autobahn.


Thanks Saabaudi, for a look at your car and your area.

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