Saab Pride – Idaho Style

It’s time for another Pride of Ownership competition entry. Find out all the requirements at that link, send in your pictures and you could win either the Saab library prize (5 Saab books) or the Elkparts Saab expressions prize, or the 1GB UrSaab USB drive.

You can view all of the entries so far by clicking here.


Today’s entry is from Joel W and as the title says, he’s from Idaho – a place I know virtually nothing about except for the Keanu film and the B52s song. I love the B52s. Keanu, not so much.

Saab Idaho

Anyway, Joel writes in as follows:

Western Idaho is the “wild west.” Home to farming, ranching, dairies and my Saab! These photos were taken south of Fruitland, Idaho – a reference to the once numerous fruit orchards of the area.

In the Western United States, we think nothing of driving 100 (161 km) miles for lunch, it stands to reason then that one would have something safe and fun to drive on the way! My 2001 9-5 wagon is a 4 cylinder 16 valve 2.3 liter turbo charged flying machine. Every time I get in it, I just have to smile. Needless to say, I volunteer to drive a lot!

These pictures capture the essence of our area. Outdoors activities centered around the Snake River; hunting and fishing, go hand in hand with our strong western agricultural roots.

While the “Treasure Valley” is not a hot spot for Saabs or – – potato farming (that’s Eastern Idaho), there are a few spud farms sprinkled in amongst the corn, onion, wheat and sugar beet fields, and a closer look may occasionally reveal 9-5 flying by.

I very much enjoy my Scandinavian heritage and love driving my Saab. At least once per week I have someone ask me what SVENSKA means. I always tell them that I have Swedish roots and so does my car!

I have my Saab serviced at Michael’s Automotive Service in Boise. It’s great to find a fair and honest mechanic that knows and loves Saabs!

More pictures of my Saab can be seen here.

See, there’s Saabs EVERYWHERE and everyone’s got a story to tell. I love it. I feel like a big group hug right now. In a manly way, of course…..

Saab Idaho

Saab Idaho

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  1. Nice pictures of the wagon. I wonder how many miles are on it.
    You mentioned the Snake River and hunting and fishing. It would have been nice to see the Saab near the river, or next to a fisherman or hunter with a rifle. I think I did a ‘whitewater rapids’ thing down the Snake River once. Is it the same river that passes through Jackson Hole, Wyoming.? By the way, I saw quite a few Saabs when I was in Jackson Hole.

  2. vagabond,

    My saab has 103,581 miles on it.

    The Snake runs through Jackson, WY across Southern Idaho (about 430 miles to me) and north to Lewiston, ID where it joins the Columbia for a run to the Pacific ocean.

    Joel W.

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