Saab Pride – More Seattle Style

It’s time for another entry in the Saab Pride of Ownership competition, where you can win a brand new 9-5 Aero* OR a set of Saab books, some great Saab accessories or a Saab USB drive. Full details here. This competition is made possible thanks to the support of Elkparts, where Saabs happen!

* 9-5 Aero giveaway conditional on your photos being accompanied by a Saab that’s done one million miles exactly, proof that you’ve owned it since new, and you having a baseball where your triceps should be and feet that are longer than your wingspan.

Today’s entry is from Tim S. We’ve had one previous entry from Seattle, one that featured a beautiful Saab 9-3 Viggen. Today it’s another entry from Seattle, and it’s another gorgeous Viggen.


As always, click on any of the images to enlarge…

Tim Viggen

My first Saab experience was the 1994 900SE that I still use for my commuter whip. Great car: zippy, roomy, safe. But of course I wanted more once I had the means to buy a Viggen. I had been researching and trolling for a Viggen for about 2 years between 2004 and 2006, but nothing worked out. Finally, I picked up my Black w/ all tan interior 2002 9-3 Viggen in September 2006 from the original owner in Los Angles, California. It was luck really. I had traveled to the LA area to see my cousin and I just happened to see the ad for the car go up 2 days beforehand. While I was there I arranged a test drive and was so sold! It was gorgeous and wicked on the highway. I flew back down the next weekend, bought it and drove home.

And yes, I got pulled over on my return trip to Seattle. πŸ™‚

Of course up here in Ballard, the weather ain’t as nice. Its hard to keep it so clean, but I’ve tried my best. It’s been featured a few times on TS before, so regulars could probably recognize it. I use my 900SE as the dirty hauler, but the Viggen has hauled a new kitchen table and my entire drumset. Hatches rule!

Here are a few pictures: Two are up in the Queen Anne section of Seattle which provide those great vistas of the downtown area, the Space Needle and if you look closely through the haze, Mount Rainer (an active volcano!). Other shots are in a marina across the bay from downtown. The dealership photo is Carter Saab in Ballard, although the only time I’ve ever gone there for service is when I had to get a new key programmed. My cars are taken exclusively to ScanWest Auto. The last photo is to satisfy my friend Kaylan (with that crazy 3-door 9000 Aero) who thinks my car is never dirty. πŸ™‚

Tim Viggen

Tim Viggen

Tim Viggen

Tim Viggen

Tim Viggen

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  1. Viggens do come in black but I never new about the tan interior, I though all had a black or black and two tone inside. This must have been a special order. It would be great to find out the real story on this car, factory or custom?

  2. The first picture is my favorite.

    Those rims look pretty goodβ€”black with chrome rims. I remember that style being popular in the early 80’s. In Ohio (perhaps elsewhere) it’s making a comeback. I’ve seen several newer luxury cars with rims like that.

  3. Hey guys

    Thanks for all the great comments. As for the all tan interior, its definitely not custom. If it was, it is quite good. It has all the viggen logos embossed into each front seat and rear passenger as well. I’d say this is definitely factory. I’ll look into this by emailing the orignal owner and also looking at the original window sticker from the dealership.

    I’ve never seen another viggen of any sort with the all tan interior. I don’t know what the availability was like. I’ve suggested it to be more rare than the red/orange/ocre and black two tone interiors, but I have no numbers to back it up.

    To be fair all the shots, save for the dirty picture, was taken spring of 2007, so its not that shiny anymore. πŸ™ Can’t wait for warmer weather to give it another full detailing! This time even better!

    The black on chrome rims are off for the winter. Not sure if I will go back to them next year. Maybe go a different route and try to sell them off. With the 16″ rims and winter tires, the car looks like a go-cart!

    eggsngrits, not sure what POO is referring to. πŸ˜‰

    Oh and the damn heating seats went out, right before my holiday trip into the Cascades. Grrrr.

  4. “Oh and the damn heating seats went out, right before my holiday trip into the Cascades. Grrrr.”-^

    my heated seats went out right after the 36-month/3-year warranty ended. “$300 per seat to fix,” said the overjoyed dealer. that broke my addiction to heated seats. thus, i’ll never buy the “cold-weather” package, or any other “package,” for that matter. jilted, anyone? sure, ordering a 9-3 aero without any packages seems “thin,” but the functional obsolescence of heated seats, in my experience, says otherwise.

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