Saab Pride – Romanian Style!!

There are Saabs EVERYWHERE, I tell ya!

These shots are from Frank in Romania. The details are pretty short as these were amongst the first Pride of Ownership entries I received and we hadn’t established a pattern for content yet.

The first 2 were taken near Brasov city in Romania, in the Charpatian mountains. It’s pretty spectacular scenery as you can see (reminds me a little of the Rockies in Canada, actually) and the final shot is in the Olt Valley next to the Olt river.

I’ve got no details as to the car, but I’d guess it’s a 2003 model Saab 9-5 Aero, principally because it looks exactly the same as the one I drove for a few days back in February last year, which was an 03 model.


Click on the pics to enlarge!

Saab 9-5 Romania

Saab 9-5 Romania

Saab 9-5 Romania


That was yet another Pride of Ownership competition entry. Find out all the requirements at that link, send in your pictures and you could win either the Saab library prize (5 Saab books) or the Elkparts Saab expressions prize, or the 1GB UrSaab USB drive.

You can view all of the entries so far by clicking here.

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  1. Maybe that vehicle is a MY2004-05. It has a different (and better looking) front air dam than the MY03’s.

    This is off topic, but check out this image at the land rover UK web page.

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