Saab Pride – Swedish Style!

Here’s another entry in the Saab Pride of Ownership competition, brought to you with lots of warm fuzzy feelings by Trollhattan Saab (that’s me) and the incredibly fuzzy people at Elkparts, a business that can actually make Saabs weep with joy.

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This entry comes from Bengt P, in Sweden. As always, click the pictures to enlarge.


I live in Växjö Sweden in a region called Småland (small lands) in the Kronoberg county in southern part of Sweden.

Saab Sweden

Saab Sweden

The county is named after the castle that can bee seen in the background. There are only ruins left of the castle that first was mentioned in a letter dated 1351. There are a lot of forests and lakes in the region and the area is known for glassworks like Orrefors and Kosta Boda, and also for furniture. IKEA was founded just 60 km south of Växjö where you still can find the first IKEA store in the world.

In the background of the third picture you can see the Växjö Cathedral that was built during the 12th century.

Saab Sweden

Växjö is also known for a number of prominent athletes like the tennis players Mats Willander (who was born here) and Stefan Edberg (who lives here now) and also the beautiful track and field athlete Carolina Klüft.

My SAAB is a jet black 2008 9/3 SC Vector active with the 1.9 TiD engine. In the pictures you can see the car with 15″ winter tires but I am longing for the spring time when I can put on the much more beautiful 5-spoke Y 17×7″ (ALU 45). The car has been mine for a couple of months now and I like it very much. Much more than my former Volvo V50 T5.

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  1. lots of swedish treasures shown or mentioned. does bjorn, the “ice-man,” borg still live there? carolina kluft is fun to watch.

    those 15’s look good. the 17’s must really look hot, especially on a sport combi, with the long roof line. nice ’08.

  2. Congratulations for your new car Bengt P!
    I’m going to Sverige next April, hope to see Stockholm crowded with Saabs!
    I’m going to Linköping and Trollhättan of course!
    Any advice where to go and what to do there?
    Gott nytt år!
    Ha det så bra!

  3. Great car!!

    I’ve known several people from Vaxjo personally — in the 1990’s I worked for a division of ABB headquartered there. It was formerly known as Flakt (Swedish for fan). good people, for sure.

  4. saab9x:
    Björn “The ice-man” Borg is still alive, now 54 years old with a little more grey color in his hair.

    Sebbe: I am not a big Linköping-expert and I think you should ask official Trollhättan-expert Swade about nice things to do in Trollhättan but I think they produce a nice car there 🙂
    Stockholm has a lot of intresting attractions, my personal favourite is the Wasa museum. This is a good visitors guide

    eggsngrits: Nice to hear that you have connections to Växjö. Flakt is still there now named Alstom Power.

  5. I have a 2007 Saab 9-5 Aero…I am very dissapointed that the stereo system with NAV does not allow an MP-3 or even an XM radio…Plus, the 6-disc changer is located in the trunk…Does anyone have a method to use an MP-3 player for this radio.

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