Saab pride – Tassie style!

I’m entering my own competition!! Why not? The judging can be rigged and I’ll save a bucketload of postage 🙂

OK, I’m kidding. I wouldn’t do that, and this photo’s not much, anyway. The interesting thing (for some) is the story behind the place. The photo was taken in a town called Dunalley, on Tasmania’s southern peninsula.

Saab 900

Australia’s discovery is officially credited to Captain James Cook in 1770. But Tasmania’s actually named after a Captain Abel Tasman, who landed just upriver from Dunalley in December 1642. He was a captain for the Dutch East India Company and they set sail from Batavia (now called Jakarta, in Indonesia) in August 1642. After a brief stop in Mauritius, he stumbled upon the west coast of Tasmania.

They came ashore, believing they’d discovered new lands, and planted their flag. Later, they jumped back in their boats and headed east to New Zealand and then back to Batavia. The Dutch were obviously great explorers, but not overly observant. They’d basically sailed right around the whole of Australia, managed to land in Tasmania, but missed the entire Australian mainland!

Tasman did make it back eventually, and mapped parts of the northern mainland, and over 50 different ships made landfall here before Cook claimed it for George III. We’ve been playing cricket ever since.


What’s this got to do with Saab?

Nothing, but I took a photo there and I know there’s some Dutchies that tune in here. Just think, we Aussies could be eating Poffertjes and watching Margreet 24/7 if the Dutch had maintained their claim.


Nearby was this French lowrider. They always bring a smile to my face.

Citroen CX

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  1. Hendrikus might have been your dad, Steve!

    Never seen a 90’s Citroen wagon here, especially this Cx22. Beautiful looking car.


  2. sweet 900! looks great. i love the scenery and the amusing history of the discovery tasmania is a nice touch.
    btw there’s a citroen exactly like that one in brooklyn. i have no idea how they find a parking spot large enough for that beast.

  3. Cj, good find, and yes, it actually warmed up quite a bit later in the afternoon, yesterday.

    The forecast says we’re going to reach 23C today. It’s 8.42am as I write this and it feels like we’ve reached maximum temp for the day already. I think it might be hotter today than what the weatherman told us.

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