Saabs are selling….

I don’t know what the sales numbers will be like in November – we’ll find out in a few days – but Saabs are selling.

Just today we’ve had word of a couple of recent sales. In comments, MitscbSC has let us know that he’s now got a 9-7x Aero in his driveway.

Bless me Father Saab, for I have sinned. There is a 9-7x Aero in my driveway … and, Holy Mother of God, it’s a troll with an attitude.

Great tuning job, Saab! My wife was headed for a GMC Acadia. Ugh. Glad the 9-7x Aero performance and content are outstanding. Stayed with the Saab brand. It holds curves with comparatively little body roll for a SUV platform. Winding out the engine is postively awe-inspiring. Totally not Saab … but hey, neither was a V6 in a 9-3. 😉

Naturally, I’ve requested photos and a few thoughts on the vehicle.


I also received an email from Justin B in Washington, letting me know that whilst he was initially holding out for a 2008, current deals on the 2007 model proved irresistable.

I just bought my third SAAB. I want to share my excitement with someone who will truly understand my joy. It’s a 2007 Jet Black Metallic 9-3 Aero…… As far as I can tell, my new little baby has every option possible minus navigation. The Aero engine puts my former 2.0T to shame. I really love this car. Regardless how much I dislike going to work, I’ve found myself smiling all the way there every day this week.

Here’s some pics of the new pride and joy. Congratulations, Justin.

It feels funny thinking about this as any sort of old or outgoing model.

New Saab

New Saab

New Saab

New Saab

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  1. Here’s another new buyer – me! Sold the wife’s BMW 3 series and picked up a MY07 60th anniversary in Titan Gray.

    As many of you may already know, I have been sitting on the fence as far as 07s vs 08s. With the 08s not being very different (imho) and the lack of incentives, a 2007 model was an obvious choice.

    And if we were on an older model, we just had to treat ourselves with the anniv. package – and VERY glad we did.

    I cherish seeing my wife smile every time she gets inside the car.

    I will be curious with the sales numbers. Will they break down 07 vs. 08s?

  2. It would be funny if you sold your wife’s 3 series without telling her first.

    That’s how it looks the way you wrote it :p

  3. Saabs are selling…the 07s have been moving off our lot, and the 2008 9-3s are finally coming in. the 9-7x has seemed to pick up pace as well (though i don’t have the numbers in front of me on that).
    Saab is on the ascend , I am sure of it.

  4. The “old” 9-3 looks as “new” as the ’08 9-3. The ’08 9-3 just went in a different direction.

    It’ll be a long time for it to look ‘old’ in my opinion.

  5. Joemama, that’s great news. I was worried about you for a little while there 🙂

    I got your email just before I left the house this morning and will reply this evening. Cheers.

  6. Another great reason to buy a 2007 is the free aero academy. In 2008 I think they are charging $500. Be sure to take advantage, it was the most fun I ever had.

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