Saffron is out, Lynx is in.

I thought I’d ask for the official version of events to find out why the Swedes named this color Lynx Yellow.

Saffron Yellow Saab

The reply from Christer at Saab Sweden is that Lynx Yellow is to be the official name for this 2008 Saab 9-3 Convertible colour in all markets (though Germany obviously missed the memo).

Christer stated that whilst there may have been other named used in the development stages (i.e. Saffron Yellow) that Lynx Yellow is now the official name for the color.

So there you have it.


As an aside, Christer also let me know that the Gripen hockey bandy team from Trollhattan had their third consecutive win on Wednesday.

Go you good thing!


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  1. In the UK there are a couple of discount car buying websites that have the ‘Saffron Yellow’ listed as a colour option, and have done for a while.

  2. I gotta admit, it’s a bit confusing. They even had a color code for Saffron Yellow (308). But that was the word from Christer Nilsson, PR guy for Saab Sweden.

    Perhaps other markets will have the same opportunity to name it for themselves like Germany have?

  3. It’s simple. Saffron is a component of curry powder. Swedes don’t want to have anything to do with curry and the East, just as Indians don’t know anything about lingonberries…

  4. I expect them to update subsequent versions of the information they put out to dealers.

    From what Swade has said, I presume Saffron Yellow (BC308) is becoming Lynx Yellow (BC308) …that it is just a new name for the same colour rather than a new name and a new colour? 😉

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