Shopping for Eggs Saabs

Eggs n Grits, our Tennessean correspondent is currently considering a newer ride to (compliment? or) take the place of his beloved 900 Convertible. He seems to be after something along the lines of the original 9-3, or something of that era and price range.

Being the compulsive car shopper that I am, I thought I’d have a look around as well. I can never figure out Craigslist and I’m not sure what else is out there in terms of US classifieds, so I confined myself to perusing Ebay Motors.

I’d never buy a car directly off Ebay as it’s too much to spend online without being able to see the car or have it inspected. But nonetheless, it’s fun to go window shopping.

Eggs originally set himself a $6,000 price limit. Like most Saab nuts, though, he recently explored a car worth a little more (a Viggen). So I’ve kept my search to $7,000. He also set a 300 mile radius, but what’s a purchase without a good road trip?

Here’s what I came up with:

2002 Saab 9-3 SE Convertible with sport package. 79,000 miles. Auto with leather and woodgrain. I absolutely love those wheels.

Eggs Cab


1999 Saab 9-3 Convertible, also reported to be an SE, though some of the photo descriptions have me wondering if the seller knows what he’s on about. Still, the car looks pretty clean and the mileage is OK at 68,000.

Green Cab


I don’t think this is all supposed to be about convertibles, but what the heck….

Here’s another one, a 2002 9-3 ‘vert with only 42,000 miles. It’s based in Florida so salt shouldn’t be a problem. Again it’s got the funky wheels, leather and woodgrain. Another automatic. Interesting silver rocker cover, too.

Florida Cab


OK, I know this is yet another ‘vert, but how was I supposed to resist putting it in there?

It’s a 2001 Viggen convertible selling with no reserve and currently at $3,100. Again, how was I supposed to resist this? You try resisting this! I dare ya. I double-dare ya!

It has got higher mileage at 105,000 and the black wheels aren’t making me do backflips, but they’re not making me go drive the porcelain bus, either.

Viggen cab


Here’s something not of the 9-3 world, but very interesting nonetheless.

It’s a 2001 9-5 Aero with almost 68,000 miles on it. The close-ups show one or two marks, but the black leather looks great with the full woodgrain trim. An interesting propostion if it checked out OK.

9-5 Aero


Also hailing from the non-9-3 set is this Gary Fisher edition Saab 9-5 Wagon. I don’t think you get the bike with it as well, unfortunately.

It’s a high-miler, but an interesting vehicle nonetheless.

Gary Fisher 9-5


That’ll have to do for now.

Sorry I couldn’t find any hardtop 9-3’s, but there was hardly any there that had done under 100,000 miles.

Anyway. Whilst none of these may be suitable, at least I had some fun looking them up.

psst – buy the darn Viggen!!!!

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  1. Quite a coincidence swade. That first Saab is where I bought my 04 Arc through eBay. The photos were even taken in the same driveway! That home belongs to an acquaintance of his. Pretty straight guy (Keith Anderson). I have his email address at home if Eggs wants it. I took Amtrak to get there, made a nice trip.
    He works with Champion Motor Cars. They have it listed in their inventory as Stock No. K155 at $12,450. Even though they’ll come down on that, it’s probably too high for Eggs anyway.

  2. I always forget something. I don’t know if Eggs knows about the VSAAB Angels or not. While their primary interest is vintage Saabs, some of them might also be willing to check out a newer model. There’s quite a few guys listed there all over the country.

  3. I’m baaaaack!

    Lots of work the past couple of days. End of the month, you know.

    Swade: Great finds. The Viggen ‘vert is a goody. Cali car = no rust.

    On the other hand, I’ll pass on the Massachusetts Aero, even though that’s a car that’s been on my mind.

    Craigslist is a pain, yes.

    Autotrader is locked and loaded. It’s where I found the car I’m about to post on. Actually, their one of our customers, which is a pretty cool thing.

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