Small market sales data – November 2007

It’s the start of the month, which means that sales data should be coming in in various markets. I report on the big ones separately, but right here is the place for smaller markets.

Either email your small market data to me or post it in comments and I’ll add it to the figures below.



Margreet is earning her keep, with sales up in November!!

SAAB Total

Nov. 07: 152
YTD 07: 3.031
Nov. 06: 139
YTD 06: 3.406

SAAB 9-3
Nov. 07: 126
YTD 07: 2 .442
Nov. 06: 99
YTD 06: 2.692

SAAB 9-5
Nov. 07: 26
YTD 07: 525
Nov. 06: 38
YTD 06: 631

Nov. 07: –
YTD 07: 57
Nov. 06: 2
YTD 06: 83

Total market: 8% more sales than november last year. Year to date up with 5.2%.

Thanks to Jeroen!



Thanks to Turbin for shooting through the Aussie results.

Saab Oz continue their upward climb, but it looks like things will fall short of that magic 2,000 unit mark.

They sold 109 vehicles in November as opposed to 99 vehicles in the same month last year. That gives Saab Oz a full-year total of 1,736 units sold, which is a rise of 15.4% for the year (1,504 YTD last year).

Saab Oz had already outstripped 2006 sales by the end of October.



Saab were up 130% in November – in Germany!!!!!

It seems the 9-3 has gained some Teutonic traction and there were 505 units sold in November in Germany, a rise of 130% over last year and all that in a month where total sales were down by 13%.

Saab Germany have sold 3,780 vehicles this year, which is down by 18%

Thanks Bart!



Canadian sales, which were sent in by Zippy:

Saab came in with 104 sales which was 49% down on the 182 they did last November. Having said that, the one and only dealer here in Vancouver sold all four of their 08 9-3’s in the past two weeks and now have none left. I reckon the shortage of 9-3s is a problem here in North America. Wait ’til they come on line and the XWD with eLSD is introduced. I still think Saab should come up with some wicked advertising campaign.

I still think “The 2008 eLSD equipped Saab 93 XWD, its even more addictive than the real thing.” would work.


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  1. +130% for Saab in November in Germany!!!!!
    Yes, the November sales are up by 130% compared to Nov. 2007 (the whole market: -13%). Jan-to-Nov down by 18% (market: -8%). 505 units sold in Nov. and 3780 this year.
    The new 9-3 effect kicks in!

  2. I was at my dealership yesterday, briefly chatted with the sales guys and they told me a lot of people are holding off purchases and waiting for the XWD to come out.

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