Some more Norwegian Emergency Saabs

Olav tracked down a few more photos of some Norwegian Emergency Saab vehicles.

These come on top of the new Norwegian Police Saab shown here last week, and the multitude of Friction Testers we’ve had shown here in the last few weeks.

You Scandinavian types are probably thinking “so what” as you see them all the time. I suppose it’d be like me seeing a Ford Falcon at an airport. But for us non-Europeans it’s somewhat fascinating, seeing these vehicles that we enjoy so much being used in these everyday, but fundamental roles.

This first one’s just been purchased by the Fire and Rescue service in the northern city of Molne:

Brann Saab

Brann Saab

Brann Saab

And here’s a few more of that Norwegian Police Saab 9-5, with BioPower!

Police Saab

Police Saab

Police Saab

Police Saab

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  1. Must say that it’s a pretty, nice none intrusive, LED (probably) lightramp that they got there instead of the old bulky ones..

  2. Just being picky, but I guess the town should be Molde, not Molne – I for sure never heard about Molne… 😉 It’s not that far north i Norway either – it’s on what we call the northwestern part of Norway, but actually is in the southern part of Norway.

    Svenml – another norwegian.

  3. If you removed the lettering from the hood, that would make a nice slicktop cop car, then again the last thing I’d expect is a new 9-5 pulling me over, if the NYS police ever got them, I’d be the first in line to recruit 😉

    I know at one time or another, my city had an OG9-3 ‘vert being used as an undercover car.

  4. Nice police car. But I have to ask a few questions:

    – What did they do with the stereo? I see a Blaupunkt in there, what is the [missing] device above it?
    – What make of lightbar is on top of the car?
    – What brand of 2-way radio is that mounted in there?

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