Some Saab musical connections

UPDATED – Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me Baby”
UPDATED – Robbie Williams’ “Tripping”

There have been some official Saab musical connections, especially recently.

You’ve got Release Me, by Oh Laura (and Andy Rupert), which heralded Saab’s BioPower models. There’s also the more recent Through Your Eyes by Nina Kinert, used for the 2008 Saab 9-3 range.

There’s been a number of other Saab musical releases, probably given to customers in their new cars if I were to venture a guess. Saab France did one earlier this year for the 60th Anniversary of the company. I haven’t heard it or any of the previous ones either, but as no-one’s written to me saying “wow, you should hear this!” I’ll assume that they were not much to write home about.

I also read recently that many years ago, Saab underwrote the first ever performances of Chess, written by BJorn and Benny from Abba.

This whole funk-train of musical thought started when Jesse B sent me a link to a band that’s invoked their own Saab connection. All the efforts I mentioned above were Saab-initiated but Jesse’s email started me looking for musicians with Saab links.

Jesse’s musical tip alerted me to a band from the US, appropriately called The Jet Age, whose latest album has the following cover art:

The Jet Age

They’re a 3-piece indie-rock outfit from Washington DC. Not exactly my cup of tea, but their mellow stuff’s got some character to it.

Jesse also alerted me to a Saab 900 CD cover by another band I’ve never heard of called Slint. Interestingly, their website doesn’t have any link to music whatsoever, though they’ll sell you a T-shirt and thank you for attending a concert.

You may not be able to make it out in this image, but “Saab” on the center-bar of the grille has been replaced with “Slint” and the turbo badge on the grille has got “Tweez” inserted – the name of the album.


Thinking about it quickly, I came up with two Australian bands with some Saab content.

One is a band from Canberra who many of you might have come across when searching for Saab on the internet. The band is called 78 Saab and they’re quite good. I dn’t know the story behind the name, but one could assume that there’s been a connection there in the past.

Here’s some of their work. The first single off their upcoming album. The song’s called One of These Days.

And finally, Aussie band Powderfinger had a Saab in one of their film clips. Thankfully, it’s also one of my favourite songs, so I’ve got no qualms about posting it here.

The song’s called My Happiness and the Saab appears near the end.


Mark in Belfast has chipped in with this new wave contribution from Human League. A nice early 900 in black 99 in black! Where is that car right now???!!!


UPDATED again!

Drew B has reminded me of Robbie Williams’ song “Tripping”, which features a Saab 95 quite prominently.


So – do you know of any other Saab appearances or connections with music?

There’s a bunch of lists out there with Saabs that have appeared in movies, but not much to do with music. If you’ve got anything to add, either in terms of songs, film clips or cover art, then slip it into comments. If it’s a clip on Youtube then I’ll add it to the post.

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  1. Ok, I am displaying some very sad knowledge here but Barbara Dickson (starred in Chess as Svetlana with Elaine Paige) drove a white four-door SAAB turbo model in pictures for an album sleeve from the 1980s. Can’t remember which one but I do remember SAAB were giving one away. Oh and don’t forget Tori Amos “Driving in my Saab”

  2. And if you stretch your minds back to 1981 (1982?) Human League had a 900hatch in the video for Dont You Want Me Baby – the UK Christmas no.1, keeping even Abba off the top spot that year; so some compensation for the Swedes!

    Not musical, but did anyone else see BBC’s Spooks recently where the ‘Iraninan Ambassador’ was driven in a stretched 9-5? Looked quite good actually.

  3. My friend Rob knew of a Swedish band that had a song about driving a Saab and abandoning it because it ran out of gas. He and I have very similar music tastes, but his collection is about three times mine.

    A quick search turned up Swede pop band Blissful and a song named “Saab V4”. I am not making this up. Check it out.

  4. I think I read somewhere that someone in 78 Saab…drove a 78 Saab when they named their band.

    There was a DC/Baltimore-area band called Born From Jets at one point, but they might have broken up.

    I’ve heard of Slint but I’ve never listened to them.

    From Wikipedia: “Popular songs inspired by Saabs include ‘Ireland‘ by Tori Amos and ‘Djungeltrumman’ by Michael Tretow.”

  5. 2 music video’s with SAABs on opposite ends of the musical spectrum:

    Cathy Dennis: Too many walls

    Eric B. & Rakim: Microphone Fiend

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