Steve Shannon talks to Wards Autos

As part of the New England Auto Show publicity, Steve Shannon’s probably spoken to a myriad of journos. One of them was Wards Autos and there’s some interesting dot points to pull from the article. It’s subscription only, but a copy was forwarded to me earlier today.

– Shannon is forecasting sales just shy of 35,000 units for 2007. SaabUSA sold 36,350 vehicles last year.

– Sales next year are expected to match 2007 rather than exceed it.

– Stocks of the 2008 model have been slow coming in, and incentives on the outgoing model meant that it sold well, leaving some dealers dry of stock.

– The XWD model coming in Spring is tough news for Saab as it’s expected that many, especially in the northeast, will be holding out for this.

– 3 years free maintenance is proving to be a big drawcard. On a side note, I saw an article stating that not many companies are doing this now. The notable exception being BMW.

– Saab’s CUV is likely to hit showrooms “in two or three years” – which is a consistent line with past statements.

– Saab’s small car will come in below the 9-3 and will be “very highly stylised….it could be the most expressive Saab in a sporty vein, but functional”

– He doesn’t confirm that the car will be launched in a 2008/09 timeframe, nor that it would be built in Trollhattan (but Saab Sweden already have, about the Trollhattan bit – SW)

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  1. Yes, SAAB and BMW are the only 2 brands that offer anything more than a first oil change. I was really surprised by that. When I bought my 07 convertible, I did (briefly) look at other brands. Audi, Mercedes, Lexus, Infiniti, Acura and others had scheduled maintenance (if not mistaken) when I bought my previous SAAB (03 9-3). It is a huge draw for me and basically eliminated 90% of the cars I was considering. The new GM warranty was another. No one else gave anything past 50K miles, power train or otherwise. It just made my choice for another SAAB a no-brainer.

  2. “Someone ask Steve to please make the next small Saab look something like this”

    Holy crap! That’s a sinister looking machine!
    Saab should make that the flagship vehicle for the next year!

  3. DAVID – Chrysler offers a lifetime powertrain warrenty. You could have gotten a Jeep Wrangler and still had a convertible!!!


  4. HA, HA, HA… Maybe I should have waited for the Chinese build Chery Chrysler is planning to bring over to the US! 1986 Hyundai Excel anyone???
    Besides, they do not offer any scheduled maintenance and more importantly, they don’t offer a SAAB!

  5. No three year free maintainence here in Canada, unlike B and A? 🙁 Saab does have that 5yr/160000km ‘limited’ engine warranty. Limited, hmmmm I wonder!

    There seems to be a lot of rumours around, i wish someone (Swade?) could clear them up for us as all this new model news has me on the edge of my seat!

  6. Eggs, You make me feel like I’m in high school again. That’s exactly what all my buddies called me: “Yurk”.

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