Subaru Update: it was great customer service while they still thought I was a customer…

The backstory is here.

The update is that I figured it was best to tell the Subaru rep who I was, and that I wouldn’t be driving the car as a prospective customer at all, but rather using it for evaluation and comparative purposes. I didn’t want to accept the offer under false pretences.

And in the 24 hours since I sent that email……


*TV test pattern*


….so it appears that whilst Suuby truly were showing great customer service instincts, they didn’t want one of their cars in the hands of a Saab blogger for a week.

Either that or they’ve read the previous posts and are considering their options *gulp*

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  1. I think it’d be interesting. Saab and Subaru have a lot in common and follow many of the same philosophies.

    My #2 car of choice would be a Subaru. It’d be nice to know how they compare.

  2. Since you are technically the media, they probably passed the buck to their media relations department and it’s taking a while for it get to the right persons to decide how to handle the situation.

    Oh and did you notice the nice looking SID on the dash of the Impreza/WRX/STi?

  3. At my work, most people have been off this week, so that could be part of it too.

    Having done my own Subie vs Saab recently, I’m anxious to hear another.

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