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Interesting stuff on the car names.

I was expecting a lot more “Svens” but of those who name them, there seems to be mostly reasons other than the fact that they’re Swedish.


The Spirit of Saab looks at the colour yellow.


Saab have done a great job so far of keeping the 9-4x under wraps, which means 2.5 consequences for them.

    1. It means that there’s zero buildup for this vehicle at this point. No-one’s talking about it because there’s nothing to talk about. Are you just dying to see it at this point?

    2. It means that they’ll have maximum surprise factor when the finally show it in Detroit. I guess this is what they want, but….

    2.5 it also means that it’s going to have to be a real kick-ass vehicle to get some attention amongst the big boys and bright lights at the US show.

Will the vehicle stay anonymous right up until the unveiling? We’ll see.

I’m quite interested in seeing it, but there’s no great sense of anticipation at this point. Maybe Saab should take lessons in the slow reveal?


And this 9-4x stuff is relevant right now because….

From AutoExtremist:

This is media “preview” week for the North American International Auto Show. What is that, you ask? It’s where we see most (but not all) of what the local automakers have planned for the big blow-out Detroit auto show in January. We see lots of stuff, but we’re given embargoes that must be adhered to under penalty of death or at least getting your journo privileges seriously whacked – if not yanked altogether. Fortunately, the car companies hold some surprises back, or we’d all just forget to show up at Cobo Hall.

So is the 9-4x one that they’re seeing there right now? Or is it one of the surprises that’s being pulled back?

Again, we’ll have to wait and see.


And in the “don’t reveal too early corner” we have the argument where you show something too early and people hold out for it, like XWD.

You’ve got slow US sales figures as one example. For another example, Car and Driver didn’t include Saab’s 2008 9-3 in their list of testees for the quickest sedan between $30K and $40K because they can’t get their hands on one with XWD until Spring 2008.


A great photo series, albeit a very sad one.

Wrecked Saab


So how are you liking the two-column layout?

I thought I’d try something different. It’s a trial period for this at the moment and I’ll assess the readibility, feedback and ad performance and see how things go. I didn’t think it was possible, but ad revenue from Google fell even further in the first half of this month. Per-day, it’s now about one-fifth of what it was back in June.

As the G-ad revenue is the backbone supporting this blog, it is of some concern when it’s continually dropping – especially with visitation slowly but steadily growing – and so I’m having to look into alternative models. This layout’s the first to go on trial and personally, I like it a lot more.

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  1. Like it too. just one thing, you make money on add’s. Why not have adds all the way down on the left hand side as you scroll down on the site?

    Looking forward to the 94x. maybe something that I can convince my whife to get, instead of the planned XC70…

  2. One big plus for me with this layout is that it’s more readable on my cell phone (Samsung U740). The posts come up first. Previously, I’d have to page down more than a dozen times to get to the first post.

  3. That’s one advantage I’d never thought of. Always happy to help, tho I can’t imagine reading a website on a cellphone could be much fun. I’m one of those dinosaurs with a phone that just makes calls.

  4. Swade – well I surf the site 100% on my Sony Ericsson K850i and by using Opera Mini software, the layout is preformatted for a handset screen. One word: brilliant. This note via my K850i en route to Cape Town, South Africa.

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