The 9-3 color poll on show….

I did a poll a week or so ago on the favoured colours for the 2008 Saab 9-3.

The results were pretty clear, with Jet Black Metallic winning clearly and Snow Silver coming a solid second, Solid Black third and Titan Grey fourth. This almost monochromatic result seems to be bearing out at the dealers, too.

EduSaab spent a little time at his local dealership recently and here’s the stock out back….

Saab 9-3 stock

That’s a lot of black, huh?

EduSaab was checking out the TTiD models that had just arrived there, and snapped a few pics of those, too, for those who might be interested.

Saab TTiD

Saab TTiD

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  1. All these silver, grey and black cars are boring, aren’t they? Let’s have some colour 🙂

    …oh, hang on, I own two Saabs and they are both black! 😮

  2. Hehe, black is a nice colour. But living in Sweden, one learn that silver (or in my case, steel grey) is a very good colour due to the climate… I like the blue colour that Swade has on his 9-3. It looks really good on a Saab.

  3. As I remember big part of the 9.3s are black or silver, also dark blue, those are the most common colors, here.

    in he TTID there is turbo gauge as the 2.0t/T and 2.8T. There is one pic.

    The blue car is an Imprezza, if someone wants one of the 40 units of the Viggen that arrived to Spain, now there is one for sale, jejejeje…….in electric blue with 180000km.


  4. That Black TTiD on the pic is not Aero, right? Badged 1.9TTiD makes me think like this. So there was a boost gauge on a diesel, huh. Can you tell if it was Aero or some other version?

  5. Thankyou! This is something that´s been annoying me from september or so. I´ve seen pics showing pre-production TTiD Aero´s with boost gauge. Other diesel versions do not have it, so I asked GM Finland about it and the answer was : “No diesel is going to have a boost gauge.”

    Well, okay. Seems that they didn´t know correctly. ..and it´s not the first time!

    Thank you Eduard!

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