The Map is back

It was having some trouble for a while there, but I’m pleased to say that Frappr seem to have their act together now and the Trollhattan Saab Map is back!

Click here to view the map.

TS map

Once you’re there, you can place your own pin on the map and upload a photo to display when it rotates through to you.

The map is really handy. It not only lets you see who’s in your area, where the readership from the site is from, and what sort of Saabs people are driving, it also allows me to see where people are at. This function came in really handy for the New England Auto Show as I was able to identify who was nearby (Johnny Del) and invite them to attend the press day on behalf of Trollhattan Saab.

So click on through, have a look around and most importantly, place your marker on the map!

I’m pretty sure there’s over 300 pins on the map so far.

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  1. I hope you’ve put a pin in there, Gunnar. At least whilst you’re still a Saab owner. No replacing the photo with one of those Teutonic things once you get one.

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