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As you may know, Saab USA are offering free Aero Academy driving courses to the first 100 Turbo-X customers in the US.

I’m reliably told that as of December 22, there were 73 slots left out of 100.

So is that reflecting slower sales of the car, or a slow uptake of the Aero Academy course, which I’m told is well-worth the price of an airfare to Atlanta?


Korean design has featured here before.

This isn’t about a GM-run design show, but it features some Saab stuff nonetheless. This is from a design school in Korea and some of the students chose to re-interpret vehicles from various marques. Below is one particular designer’s take on the Saab Aero X.

Saab Aero-X Korea

Thanks Kroum!


Wulf tells me that Dutch Saabers can pick up a Winter Pack on their new Saab 9-3 convertibles.

This is the pic I should show you:

Saab winter pack

With the winter pack, you get a set of four 16″ alloy wheels with snow tires and a Smart Slot ice scraper for free. These are normally valued at €1,925. It’s an extra €400 if you want to upgrade to 17″ wheels (for the 2.8T and TTiD Aero, for example). The offer closes January 31st.

Nice car. I don’t think the lady comes with the winter pack, though. Both images are part of the PDF flyer for the pack, available here (Right-click, Save As….and it’s in Dutch)

Dutch Winter Pack


And finally……..parking in St Petersburg


Thanks Frank!

bad parking

bad parking

bad parking

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  1. Swade, people in Vancouver are obviously just as bad as drinving as they are in St. Petersburg.

    That snow silver ‘vert is sure nice! 🙂

  2. Two things… That’s a dedicated parking effort – The driver was parking there no matter what stood in their way!

    Second, That Korean Aero X is seriously fugly…

  3. Honestly, don’t think much of that AeroX. the front is a spitting image of a 79 corvette. i wouldn’t mind taking delivery of both cars separately, but not combined 🙂

  4. Robin M, yuk! Stoli Vanilla is by far the best vanilla voddie there is and I am an Absolut fan! Try the Absolut Ruby Red – its grapefruit flavoured and its ‘to die for’.

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