Traveller’s Saabs

My Viggen-owning compatriot from Sydney, Richo, is currently skiing around the US. That’s his cover at least. I suspect he’s just trying to pick up chicks in exotic locations, like Wyoming, but that’s just me….

He shot through these photos of a Saab owned by a local lady running a gas station in Jackson Hole. Told her we’d make her famous. See what I mean?

Wyoming Saab

Wyoming Saab

And he also spotted this one on the road somewhere in Utah….

Saab Utah


Local Tasmanian lens genius, Stu, recently took a family holiday in New Zealand and sent through a shot of the only Saab he saw whilst he was there. Only one, but a nice one nonetheless.

Saab 900

Ah, travelling……less than two weeks to go!

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  1. “Exotic locations like Wyoming”?

    That has to be the first time Wyoming has ever been referred to as an “exotic location.”

    It’s actually kind of insulting coming from someone who LIVES ON AN ISLAND FACKING PARADISE.


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