TS in BMW-Land!

I’m a little curious as to what’s going on at BMW Land.

It’s UK-based BMW forum and this thread has to do with a guy in a 320d not being able to keep up with an M3.

No surprises there.

Then there’s a few – what I can only take as facetious – remarks about Saabs and there’s a type of link that I haven’t seen before, with no comment that I can see, to one of the Saab vs BMW stories I’ve had on the website.

I have two questions:

    1) Why the smirking Saab remarks (ok, maybe that’s answered by the fact that it’s a BMW forum, maybe)

    2) How did he manage to embed my whole website into his post?

Enquiring minds want to know! Answer me before I get all Teutonic on your asses!!

And what sort of word is ‘teutonic’ to describe a car, anyway? Sounds like some sort of condition if you ask me. “Sorry Miss, but it appears that you’re teutonic. We’re going to have to proceed with extensive therapy. These men in white coats are here to help…”

Grrrr. Off to bed now…..

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  1. Ah- the grossen problem with the BMW driver ego strikes again.

    I am a Saab man, but BMW made some wonderful aero engines, and in their cars, I still like the 1970s CSL lightweight.

    But, why are BMW drivers so damn arrogant?

    Is it a rear drive thing- you know- arse- end powered…

  2. Following some remarks relating to the word “Teutonic”. They were taken from wikipedia.org.

    “The word Teutonic derives at once from both the Latin name for a tribe who were thought by the Romans to be Germanic, die Teutonen, “the Teutons” and, from the Germanic word tiutisch (New High German deutsch = German), originally meaning “belonging to the people”.

    The Romans identified die Teutonen as a Germanic tribe, and therefore Roman writers began to use the term Teutonicus as a synonym for their existing word for Germanic peoples, Germanicus.

    Today many scholars think that die Teutonen were not a Germanic tribe at all, but rather, that they were a Celtic tribe. It has been suggested that Teutone derives from the Celtic word tuath meaning “the people” or “the tribe” (as in the mythical Irish race, the Tuatha de Danaan, the “tribe of Danaan”).[citation needed] [1]”

  3. I think the remarks on that BMW forum are pretty tame. Really, the one thing I despise about this website are the frequent and trite anti-BMW remarks. I keep coming back here for the breaking news and interest stories, but I really don’t think I belong to this community.

  4. I don’t get the BMW vs SAAB bias on this site, BMWLand or anywhere else. Most people on the BMW side have never had a few hours with a Viggen in the twisties and most people on the SAAB side have never had an M3 in the twisties for a few hours. I’ve had 3 SAABs and now have a 335i and I think both brands have their merits. I’ll probably try an Audi some day just to keep things fresh, and if Honda/Acura every make RWD cars I’d probably even try one of those as well.

  5. i’m all for a good rivalry, but i tend to agree the anti-bmw remarks on this site are a bit much, especially considering the recent state of saab — we can’t really run with them in order to justify it. and flipping off the dealership….not too classy. their comments are tame in comparison.

    i find them extremely ugly, and yes, their drivers often back up the attached stereotype, but you have to hand it to their engineers.

    saab has my heart for all the right reasons, but it doesn’t mean i wouldn’t like to whip my Viggen around like a M3 every once in a while. :p

  6. jeff k and Erek – It’s all good natured fun. We kid because we secretly love and envy. Heck, Swade himself said he liked the 335 he drove…They’re #1, and it’s fun to take potshots at #1, especially when you’re a fan of a perennial 3rd placer.

    Any Orioles fan will know what I’m talking about. :p

    Or, maybe we really do hate. I dunno. I wouldn’t say no to an M3, but I would if it came from some snarky jackass at a BMW dealership.

    Obviously some Saab guy was causing trouble there last week or something. Good for him.

    Also, teutonic is a code word for “stark” in auto-journospeak. They can’t say stark, because that sounds bad. Teutonic sounds “businesslike”. I’ll take an “ergonomic” (and comfortable) interior over a “teutonic” interior any day.

  7. Come on gents, relax a little. Please. As Jeff says, it’s all a bit off good natured fun. I certainly respect the cars – you can’t argue with the numbers and go sit in one and you can’t argue with the quality of finish.

    The source of my occasional pranking is twofold – first, the way motoring journos just fall over each other to praise them regardless of their (im)practicality or the fact that they’re as ugly as a bashed crab (sorry, there I go again). Motoring journos and BMW are somewhat similar to Consumer Reports and Toyota. i.e. the makers get about three points headstart just for the badge.

    And second – the good old Aussie tall poppy syndrome. You’ll have to look that one up for yourselves.

  8. This is still my favorite place on the net. Swade has the top grade stuff to feed my addiction….just sayin’…….throwing rocks…glass houses….you know the rest. :p

  9. F. U. B. M. W. COM!

    Kinda has a ring to it.. Swade, go and register that site, or maybe http://www.fum3.com , please! We all can upload photos to follow suit with what you started! I’ll gladly click a few ads to help! 😉

    I must say, regardless of this is being a Saab-enthusiast site, cred is given where cred is earned and rightfully due.

    To all the people that are acting snobbish on the good ole fashion remarks: Loosen up! This ain’t politics, this is CARS man!

    Maybe to be fair, we can do compos on defunct brands so not as many people get offended. Next up: DMC DeLorean vs. Saab Aero-X

  10. Hi Jeff and other bmw-lovers over there,

    If “They’re #1”, who’s #2 in your opinion as a
    “fan of a perennial 3rd placer” ?

    Besides, no hard feelings towards bmw, great engineering, recent years just a lousy styling of some of the cars, though 3-coupé and 1-series look fab i.m.o. . And if you consider they’re able to sell a lot of their ugly cars, you’ll have to admit not only their great engineering but also their good marketing. Not to mention the MINI-success-story.
    Despite the (arsiness) RWD, the arrogant image of (some of) the drivers and their unability to use the indicators … well i think a lot of saab-drivers are (partially) a bit enviuous about the Munich-products.

    Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to read a comparision test of the Turbo-X against some ‘teutonic’ contrahents, including a bmw. And if it comes from a teutonic journal, you might already assume the outcome of this review, but you never know.

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