TTiD section added at

Saab’s international site now has a section added for the TTiD model.

Saab TTiD

There’s some details there about how the technology works, technical specs, a video from Knut Simonsson on “pure power” and as always, some great Saab imagery.

It’s a pretty brief affair but if you’re hanging out for a TTiD then it’ll keep you occupied for a little while. There’s nothing like driving one, though.

100 Nm of torque per cylinder. It’s an experience.

Saab TTiD

Saab TTiD

Thanks Jamie!

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  1. Saab would be INSANE not to offer this car in North America within the next few years! Id take one over any 9-3, even the Turbo X.

  2. I can´t wait to drive the TTiD. It´s very unfortunate that it´s not offered in all the markets.

    I simply don´t understand GM Finland not to advertise TTiD at all! There´s a huge demand for powerful diesel cars now when our taxing changes for 2008. The tax will be based on CO2 emissions only. That´s where TTiD is VERY efficient.
    There should be good big adverts all over right away. So many people are now deciding to replace their petrol car with diesel and the price of TTiD (especially with manual transmission) is really competitive. The only problem is that so few people know about this!! Most people seem to have opinion that only VW (Audi, Seat, Skoda..) and BMW are able to make effective diesel engines.

    What I see on newspapers is only tiny small advert telling that MY08 9-3 is available. On tv there´s nothing. There was few times MY08 tv adverts. I think I saw it twice. But it was around september!

    So Saab, please bring on the details to your ads. Tell us about the TTiD, Safety, Comfort, XWD and all those stuff.

    Dealers seem to be very confused with the TTiD. They really don´t know what´s the reason for delays. They cannot promise any delivery date and they don´t have techical facs on hand. I cannot understand how it can be so hard to make things right. You´d get way much more info about TTiD by looking at TS site than to go and talk with dealer.. Is that right!?

    Sorry about the wenting, but I´m a bit frustrated while waiting the TTiD to come.

  3. Echoing Jeff K’s sentiments…

    I live in Canada. I want one as well. Saab….give the market what they want. VW can’t keep their diesels on the shelf due to demand. Do you think there might be a market for these vehicles? Yes! And if this little TTiD number performs as everyone says it does (thanks Swade!), then Saab would very definitely have a winner on their hands in this market at least.

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