Tuesday morning quick snippets

This first one’s not new, but it seems Abbott Racing have got the renovators in for a bit of a clean up.

And for the first time ever, we have a site that looks better in Internet Explorer than it does in Firefox, where it doesn’t seem to be stacking up properly.

Abbott Racing

Abbott’s one of my favourite dreamtime sites, where I waste plenty of precious time imagining all the things I’d love to do to my Viggen if I had a) the money, and b) the car on the road.

The new site’s got all the same old stuff, it’s just quite a bit easier to navigate now.


I can’t believe that I haven’t seen this site before: Swedespeed

Oh, wait a minute…..it’s full of Volvos.

OK. I can believe it.

Worthwhile reading if you like the other side.


And while we’re talking Volvos, I’ve been looking with great interest at the Volvo C30 ever since it came out. It certainly is an interesting looking Swedish car and one can’t help but wonder what the Saab 9-1 will be like in what must be just a little bit of Swedish competition.

Hopefully, though, Saab will make their smaller car a lot better balanced. While I was in Sweden earlier this year I spoke with my mate Par Brandt from Auto Motor and Sport, and he commented that the car was rather tail happy.

This seems to have been confirmed during some testing here in Australia, where Wheels Magazine found out the following in assessing the car for a recent Car of The Year type award:

Lack of ESP effectively struck the C30’s chances a fatal blow, especially in light of the base car spinning out altogether, during the double lane- change test.


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  1. Yep the Abbott site is FUBARed on Mac Safari too… How I would love it that web designers would test sites on all browsers, and cross systems! Really gets my goat that some are so ignorant that they test it only in IE (it shows a total lack of professionalism)… who uses IE nowadays anyways?

    Sorry for the rant but this is the design field I work in (as you know Swade!)

    merry chrissy all!


  2. I use IE. Every website I go to looks fine unless it has that GOD DAMN POPUP THAT TELLS ME I SHOULD BE USING FIREFOX.


    Ok, I’m feeling less angry now. Also, that was directed at websites that tell me to use Firefox, not Sab.

    I don’t really use IE, I use Avant Browser.

  3. I will now take the Lord’s name in vain over and over again just to piss Eggs off:

    …just kidding, I’m not that much of a jerk.

    Fluffy bunnies fluffy bunnies.

  4. That article is brilliant. Especially the sly remark about being led by the Swedes who haven’t been in battle for 200 years.

    Ahhh europe. The joys of compromise & neighbours.

  5. I finally saw my first C30 on the road a couple days ago. Weird that here in L.A. I see Saabs more often than the C30. That being said though I’ve seen more C30s on the road than ’08 9³s. I’ve only seen the ’08 9³ in L.A. at my local Saab dealer yesterday. On the showroom floor they have an ’08 combi, ‘vert, sedan, and a 5.3i 9⁷X. No 9⁷X Aeros or even 9⁵s (neither sedan nor combi). What does that tell you about what vehicles are selling?

    Remember that Saab is supposedly watching C30 sales to gauge if the world is once again ready for a hatchback, which I believe is a mistake since I think the C30 would qualify as a “small wagon” rather than a combi-coupé.

    And how weird is it that a site called “Swedespeed” is dedicated to ovloVs?

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