(Twin) Turbo Advertising!

When discussing ads recently, two of the common desires expressed are 1) more safety credentials in ads, and 2) more turbocharging in ads. Basically, capitalise on Saab’s strengths.

Chalk one up for Saab Sweden for this ad, currently doing the rounds on Auto Motor and Sport, and elsewhere too, I imagine.

Shot 1 – “what could be better than a turbo?”

Turbo Ad

Shot 2 – when you press the pedal the boost gauge goes for a swing

Turbo Ad

Shot 3 – then a second gauge is added with the question from the first shot answered: “Two”

Turbo Ad

Shot 4 – The Saab 9-3 TTiD shown in a nice front-on pose.

Turbo Ad


Nice work!

More Saab Turbo advertising, please!

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  1. Man, you got my hopes up, I forgot all about the TTiD when I read the phrase “(Twin) turbo.” I thought Saab was announcing a twin turbo gas engine.

  2. What a great ad. Its simple but it simply works. Its one of those, where you get a little kick out of it at the end.

    If only in the US…

  3. The last part with the car is in several carmagazines in sweden right now, It’s more like a poster then a ad, think im gonna buy the mag just so that i can ripp out the ad with the saab πŸ™‚

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