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I wonder what Saabs will look like 20 years from now?

Car Design News has announced it’s 2008 Design Contest. They’ve assembled a panel of eight judges, all designers for various big nameplates. The aim of the contest is to design a car for their theoretical “milleniumites” to drive in the year 2028.

“Milleniumites”, in case your wondering, are people born in the year 2000, so by 2028 they’ll be 28 years old and in their lifestyle establishment phase will be in full effect.

In many of these competitions, entrants take on a particular brand ethos and apply that to their entry, complete with badging etc. So it’ll be interesting to see if anyone designs a 2028 Saab for the competition.


I had an interesting Saab-surf this lunchtime. The results of which are below:

First up was The Saab Site, upon the recommendation of Brian W. The Saab Site’s pretty old school in design terms, but offers a huge FAQ section for various Saab models.

They sell parts and have heaps of pictures for them, as well as part numbers etc and Brian’s found the site quite useful as both a parts source and as a reference when chatting with his local wrench guy.

After paying it a visit, I can see why. Added it to the sidebar links.


From the Saab Site, I linked up with as the name intrigued me. Turns out I’d visited there before. It’s the site of Walter Wong, a Saab technician in Los Angeles and, I believe, a member of the SoCal Saab Club the 1985 Gripen belongs to.

From memory he’s got a pretty psychadelic Saab 96 – I think. Will have to check up on that one.

His services were highly spoken of to me by a few locals there and a good independant Saab technician is an enthusiast’s best friend.

Added to the links list on the sidebar.


Walter has some RSS-based Saab news headlines on his sidebar, and from those I was led to the Topix page for Saab stories.

They have a new editor, it seems, and there’s a decent variety of stuff there now, which wasn’t always the case. I added it to my feed reader.


From that Topix list, I was led to a Hemmings blog site, where a guy was taking a look at all the older cars that made a showing at the New England Auto Show. They were being shown by the Larz Anderson Auto Museum (site of the recent Charles River Saab Swedish Day, IIRC).

There was a beautiful Alfa Romeo Montreal there, but the car that got the most coverage in the piece was the black 1985 Saab 900 SPG that was shown at the Saab stand.

The author was quite taken with the pristine restoration, and with good reason. It turns out that he’s got a rather special Saab too – one of the 400-only Saab 900 Commemorative Edition convertibles.

It turns out his convertible’s in need some considerable restoration, too, and I left a note in comments (the article about his car was a year old) to ask if that’s been done yet.

Hopefully we might get an answer.

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  1. i ordered a mass air meter from the saab site once and got a bag of peanut m&m’s with my delivery. thought that was pretty amusing.

    also walter wong rules.

  2. Yes, Walter Wong owns a Saab shop in L.A. and everyone I know who has gone to him to have work done (a lot of SoCal Saab members) have absolutely raved about his work and his fair prices. He comes highly recommended. And I understand he makes a wicked Peruvian chicken plate…

    You’ve got a great memory Swade, as you got close. His psychedelic surf-mobile is a Saab 95 wagon. He also has a 99 EMS with a California vanity license plate I tried to get years ago: DRAKEN. It’s one of the old yellow characters on blue background plates that California stopped issuing in 1983. He told me he got the plate as soon as California started offering vanity plates way back in the day. My 1985 900T has a yellow-on-blue plate as well, but I think it’s because my grandfather, who bought my car new and later gave it to me, brought the plate over from his old ’78 99T that he traded-in for the 900T.

  3. I might be relocating to San Diego in the new year, LA is but a short trip away. Thanks for the recommendations and info folks.

    I’ll check Walter’s shop out of I do end up in SoCal (no doubt I will be getting a SAAB when I move)

  4. Yea the hippy car (psychedelic) is actualy mine. I am Walter’s son. I’m 11 years old and I enjoy that awesome noise!!! (exhaust note)
    The DRAKEN is my little broter’s car. Ignacio Wong. He is practicing with the clutch and hes doing very well.(now is a kevlar clutch kit)
    As for our SAAB mascot the great and mighty TURBO WONG!!!!(Our dog in which were basicly brothers.) My dad RULES!!!!=p

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