Welcome to the Italian Saab Club (Saabway)

Salfa Romeaab anyone?

Some say that “life’s too short not to drive Italian” but these guys, who probably have driven Italian at some stage, are choosing to drive Swedish.

The Italian Saab Club (Saabway) has just been added to the list of clubs on the sidebar, some thing that pleases me a great deal. I love Italian cars, Italian food, the Godfather movies and my favourite football team (real Australian football) is based in Carlton, which is sort of like little Italy in Melbourne.

So a welcome to the Italian Saab Club (Saabway). There’s some nice member’s cars at that site, too.

Italian Saab Club

If you’re a member of a Saab car club that isn’t listed on the sidebar, then shoot me an email and let me know so that I can put it up there. Also, some clubs change their website from time to time and the URLs change as a result. if your club’s link isn’t working and needs to be updated, let me know about that, too.


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