What would you give for one of these?

This letter is in Swedish, so like me, most of you won’t be able to read it.

But this is the letter Swedish customers receive to confirm that they’ve been allocated one of the 175 Saab Turbo X’s that will be sold in Sweden.

Kenneth’s one lucky guy. Oh, what I’d give to be able to get one of these letters…..

Turbo X letter

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  1. well, Swade –
    What WOULD YOU give to receive a letter like that?
    sounds like the making of another contest
    – got any expendable firstborns around?

  2. Joe Lobo, thats what I thought! I think its just a standard letter sent to Swedish consumers who have a certain amount of time to register their interest. If Kenneth is getting a free one – I hate him too! πŸ˜‰

  3. I’d hate him too, if that were the case, but from his email it’s a confirmation that his order is secure, and he’s now assured of getting one of the 175 Turbo X’s allocated to Sweden.

    Which still qualifies him as being of the 2,000 luckiest Saab owners there is on this planet πŸ™‚

  4. I never got a similar letter from my dealer. But rest assured that if I do not get my Turbo X, personally promised by everyone at the dealership but the cleaning lady, I will make them give me a friggin’ free car! πŸ˜‰

  5. Well, if I am also part of this elite club (still tossing up the coins at present) the minimum I would expect is an endless invite from Saab OZ to all press events in Sydney as I would blow my trumpets even harder being an owner of a Turbo X. Stay tuned as XXXs may bring this joy if Santa (my accountant) is good to me !!!

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