Why I love the button dash

From flickr.

It looks just awesome at night and you learn pretty quickly where everything is.

Saab button dash

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  1. I have to say that the new dash designs including the steering wheel have lost it’s “Saab-ishness”. The cockpit style feeling is gone, some may say thank god but I liked it.
    Nowdays it feels more like some generic GM with a brave attempt to “Saab-ify” it..

  2. That does look pretty cool, especially when compared to my half-burned-out dash :p

    Though, to be honest, I like the new dash, too. Just in a different way. I think it’s still Saaby, considering it curves around the driver and is still simple to use.

  3. Gentlemen, have you ever sat in a cockpit? A cockpit nowadays has many touch screens. If you really want a cockpit feel, you should embrace the new touch screen than comes with the navigation option. You should also realize that it is much more user friendly, as opposed to the myriad of buttons that all look and feel the same. I have the old bag-o-buttons, and I can assure you that the new system works better.

  4. Because BaRa is right 🙂

    The touch screen sat nav is fabulous, so intuitive. I also really like the new dash layout, it is simpler and more effective, although I do miss all the lighting that so many extra buttons produce, that is a cool effect.

    The new dash may not have as many buttons, but it is certainly easier to use.

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