Win a Saab Getaway

Why wouldn’t they publicise this? It’s been open since late November and closes in just over a week and there’s not been a single thing mentioned by Saab about it. Not to me, at least.

Jeff K saw an ad for this on TV and sent it through.

I always thought the phrases “extreme vacation” and “Las Vegas” would involve at least one shootout, some high stakes poker and a bevy of transmittable diseases. Not in this case. It seems Saab are teaming up with Discovery Channel to give all you outdoorsy types the chance to harm yourselves on the side of a rock somewhere. I’m sure it’ll be quite picturesque, though.

The winner will go to the Red Rocks Casino and Spa in Vegas, be taught how to climb like a spider and then go out and do a little of the real thing.

Sound like fun?

The website’s here.

Saab getaway

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  1. Interesting!

    ELIGIBILITY: Open to legal residents of the following participating designated market areas…”

    Jacksonville, Florida ain’t one.

    Employees… of… General Motors Corporation and each of their subsidiaries… are not eligible.


    PRIZE: (1) Grand Prize Package:
    • Full size rental car for six (6) days;

    Will it be a Saab????? It would be horrid to be stuck with a Grand Prix or Impala… *shiver at the thought*

    • $500 cash for winner only, which winner may used towards meals.

    … or may be used on prostitution.

    The approximate retail value (“ARV”) of the Grand Prize Package is $4,500.00.

    … Any and all injuries sustained are complimentary after an official Saab “hold-harmless” release is signed.

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