Winding Road do a quick drive of the Saab 9-7x Aero

Thanks cj for dropping this one in comments.

There are, of course, various schools of thought on the 9-7x. Purists don’t love it. Owners do. I thnk it’s filled the spot it was intended to admirably and the fact that it’s been the second best seller for Saab in the US since its release would seem to back that up.

David E Davis at Winding Road is a purist, though:

What we have here is the Chevrolet Trailblazer SS wearing Saab nomenclature. What we don’t have here is a Saab.

That’s the first sentence of the review and it pretty much sums things up completely from Davis’ point of view. Despite how good the vehicle is, and he does rate it as a very good vehicle, this is a vehicle that should have a GMC badge on it, according to Davis.

Some will agree, some won’t. But the one thing that isn’t in dispute is the quality of the vehicle, and 9-7x owners themselves will attest to that, too.

It’s a quick one-page read, worthy of a few minutes of your time.


And while we’re here….

I’m not sure this is worth a post on it’s own, but here’s a quick 90-second review of the 2008 Saab 9-3 from some morning news show in the US. Nothing unknown here, but nice to see it’s got coverage.

And that’s a twin-scrolling turbo there, bud, not “two turbos”……. 8)

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  1. GMC already has the Envoy Denali, so the General already has granted Davis’ wish. It does not look like the 6.2L V8 is available in the GMC so that gives the Saab version some uniqueness.

    I would think that GMC is more interested in moving those Acadia crossovers right now.

    The GMT 360 platform was always a nice vehicle in my opinion, but it is six years old now and it really has not had any sort of noteworthy updates, which is probably a smart move on GM’s part. Various small block variants (thank you Corvette) have given the model a competitive edge – but $3.00 a gallon gas and new crossover vehicles have all but sealed its fate in the long run.

  2. It is already known the GMT 360 suvs days are numbered, but yes, it did serve its purpose well. Much better then the previous Blazer.
    For Saab the 9-7X was a much better stop-gap vehicle then the 9-2x was (if you want to consider the 9-2x a stop gap for the 9-1).
    Saab already knew a thing or two about turbocharged small cars, so the 9-2x smacked of weak effort.
    However, not having any SUV history EVER, the 9-7X was at least given a Saab-style interior, good looking exterior treatments, and a nice lower sporting suspension. Saab was losing customers to SUVS, so the solution was certainly better then the alternative (waiting for the 9-4X).

  3. “What we have here is the Chevrolet Trailblazer SS wearing Saab nomenclature.”
    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought GM liked Saab’s work on the GMT-360 platform so much that they took the under-body changes for the 9-7X and applied them to the Trailblazer to create the Trailblazer SS. Without Saab, there might not be an SS. In other words, the SS may be the 9-7X wearing Chevy badges. 🙂

  4. OMG! Swade! That news report is from MY TOWN, Jacksonville, Florida! I had no idea they did a review. The news team and anchors are great people, but I don’t know who the guy talking about the car was. I think he is just the local newspaper car journo-writer. I can’t believe he said ‘two turbos’…

    Kinda weird to log on here to your site in Oz and see the face of my local anchorman on freeze frame! That car was borrowed from my dealership, Nimnicht Cadillac Saab (I say mine because I ought to own a piece of it since I bought 3 cars there so far, especially since they hosed me on the purchase AND subsequent trade in on the 9-2x.. lol..).

  5. BTW, above said dealership has 1 9-7x Aero. Sticker $49,995. With my GMS employee discount and rebates I can get it for about $39,600 — What a bargain! (psuedo sarcasm)

    There are actually two other numbers on the sticker that caught my attention: 12 and 15. Does anyone know what these represent?

  6. Jeff – Is that too much to ask for? (lolz)

    Seriously, I was just saying I got sticker shock at the EPA MPG and not the price, just noting the irony. 🙂

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