Comment on events from April 30-May 1

After last week’s breakthrough, when the National Debt Office approved Vladimir Antonov as a shareholder in Spyker, we are now awaiting the decisions by GM, the EIB and the Swedish Government.

Discussions are ongoing with members of the EU parliament to ensure that the Bank’s review has the best prerequisites possible. Saab is also talking with Western Swedish Chamber of Commerce, various Unions in Sweden and Fordonskomponentgruppen (Vehicle Component Group).

One aim with these contacts is to emphasize facts that are not reflected adequately in the current debate. It includes highlighting that Saab does not cost Swedish taxpayers anything. On the contrary, employees at Saab and our close suppliers contribute with about 3.5 billion in the form of income taxes each year. Saab wants, in discussions with authorities and other public parties, to stress the value of creating good opportunities for Swedish industry politics and to maintain a strong automotive industry in Sweden.

Over the weekend, efforts to secure funding has continued- and negotiations with potential strategic partners, including the Chinese car companies – are still ongoing.

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  1. What Saab needs is a reasonably equipped +/- $30K vehicle that mid market buyers can embrace. Higher end vehicles that bump heads with the BMWs, Audis, and Mercedes’ will not provide enough volume & profit to cover production overhead.

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