Mille Miglia photo and video update

News from the Mille Miglia has been difficult to come by as we only have a very small team in Italy for the event and they’re almost all involved in either competition or support. It doesn’t help that I’ve been flying between Australia and Sweden for the last few days. We will get a more complete story in the coming hours, however.

Until then, here are some photos from Day 2 of this beautiful event through the Itlian countryside.

Click to enlarge.


We’re also thankful to the Saabway Club, from Italy, who had members present to shoot a fantastic video of all three Saabs at the beginning of the event….

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  1.  Such beautiful photography! Many keepers in there, and great video. Did I hear right, the Mercedes broke down at the start? Funny. It’s good to see the Saabs getting a lot of positive attention.

  2.  Great to see those beautiful cars there……good to hear the announcer in the video add that “it is nice to have some different cars!”

    this event is on my “bucket list” for sure!!

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