The dream factory – Saab 9-5 convertible

I always love to see what fans with photoshop skills can dream up.

X-Tomi is one such Saab fan, from Hungary. He refers to himself as a “virtual tuner” – a description I like a lot. If you have a look at X-Tomi’s website you’ll see a lot of different models receiving some treatment and they look great.

X-Tomi recently submitted this illustration of a Saab 9-5 morphed into convertible form for an online design competition. This was the base image.

First, I ripped the lid, I pushed back the door, a shorter wheelbase and length of the car, got new wheels, larger rear wheels, the grille is changed minimally.

Nice work, X-Tomi. Always fun to see.

My thanks to Yang for the tip on this one, and X-Tomi for being happy to have it shared here.

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  1. Must be just my eyes that sees it as very similar to a 9-3 convertible. 🙂
    I do wish Saab were in a position to expand their range like the German car companies – four or five platforms, then convertible, SUV, coupe, estate and sedan versions of each.  
    Fingers crossed that it happens.

  2. YES. I saw an E-Class convertible yesterday and thought to myself, “Saab really needs a 9-5 convertible”

    1. The E-class vert is based on the C class platform.
      It is in now way bigger than the 9.3 vert!
      It is only called E class to justify the higher price 😉

  3. Let’s hope that one day this car can become a reality and not a dream.  Now that the 9-5 is so much bigger than the 9-3, there would be enough visual difference to distinguish the two convertibles.

  4. great idea!
    only if the convertible was also with black above the middle… just like the 9-5 on the side mirrors
    and the rest…

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