Early arrivals at the Saab Owners Convention

People are starting to drift in to the Parsippany Hilton Hotel in New Jersey for the 2011 Saab Owners Convention.

Stephanie from Saab Cars NA is there and she recently tweeted the following:

Look what arrived today at the Owners Convention…..

A good friend of mine, Greg Abbott, has just driven from Minnesota to be there and he’s sent the following early images in via email (click to enlarge):

Custom built Saab 96 convertible….

Beautiful 99T badge shot…..

The goodie-bag given to attendees…..

Parking lot (there’s going to be a lot of wandering around in there over the next few days)…..

The Saab tent in the parking lot with a few of the heritage cars….

When I grow up I wanna…….

Early Saab Sonett dashboard…..

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  1. I’m jealous of those who attend the SOC.  I’m sure everyone will have a lot of fun.  I’d very much like to see the collection of old and new Saabs and meet with the eclectic owners.  Let’s hope for good weather.

  2. Fought traffic (due to weather and fender-benders), storms, etc., but finally made it….but missed the Sponsor’s dinner and Tim Colbeck’s speech tonight.  🙁  Oh, well….still much more fun to be had this weekend!

  3. It was a nice start to SOC11.  A lightning show and showers arrived around 10 PM EST but it was nice to be outside late in the afternoon.   Tim Colbeck shared SCNA’s strategy for taking the brand into the future at the Sponsor Dinner.  The food was good too!  We were at the table with Greg Abbott referenced above.  Many who regularly attend SOCs arrived by late afternoon and it was constant greetings…a small world in Saabland. 

    As for the pictures…I see Gerry D’s mega-Saab-badged Toyota made it (I have a similar picture).  That 9-5 SC is a US spec engineering prototype that arrived for display.  

    The fun continues on Friday…Stephanie is raring to go to capture the excitement…

  4. Love the “when I grow up I wanna” picture. The form of the dashboard of the Sonett is definitly a Saab one (cf. new 9-5)

  5. Maanders, care to share exactly what Tim Colbeck had to say regarding Saab’s US strategy?  I think they have to view this as starting from scratch… 

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