Inside Saab Q&A – the questions

My thanks to everyone for sending in your questions for our Q&A offering. It’s been great to see what’s weighing on people’s minds right now and we want to do what we feasibly can to provide answers for you.

I’ve gone through the questions submitted through various channels – here at IS, on Facebook and through one of our enthusiast websites, Saab Actu – and have summarised the questions into the list below. Please understand that in order to get responses in a timely manner, I can’t comment on opinions expressed, nor on questions that were very specific (e.g. questions on individual parts will be answered in the context of all parts) or overly market specific (e.g. when will a particular model begin selling in XXXXXX).

The questions I’ll be seeking answers for in the next 24 hours are:

  • What will Saab do to protect against the possibility of another bankruptcy down the line?
  • When will production re-start, both in Trollhattan and in Mexico (Saab 9-4x)?
  • What happens to my warranty/service contract if Saab goes bankrupt?
  • What happens to parts availability if Saab goes bankrupt?
  • Why are some spare parts so difficult to obtain at the moment?
  • Is Vladimir Antonov still interested in Saab?
  • Will Saab seek to pay back the EIB loan?
  • What projects has the lack of EIB finance had an impact on?
  • Will Saab offer a diesel in the US?
  • Will Saab offer a diesel of BioPower version of the Saab 9-4x?
  • Will there be more exotic options offered on the Saab 9-4x?
  • Why is Saab offering just the 4-cyl version of the Saab 9-5 SportCombi in the US market? Will it get better tuning options, or a V6 version?
  • Will Saab offer an entry level car?
  • Will Saab develop a higher performance car or an Aero-X type halo car?
  • Will Saab seek to authorise Independent outlets to act as service facilities?
  • Do TimTams still open doors at the Saab Museum 🙂 ?
  • How will IQon get connected to the internet?
  • Are 2011 orders cancelled and is that factored into the business plan?
  • When will the Saab 9-5 SportCombi be launched?
  • When will the Saab 9-4x be launched in markets outside the USA?
  • How is the development of the Saab 9-3 replacement progressing?
  • Will the Saab 9-3 replacement vehicle have a coupe version? Will it have the DNA of the original Saab 900?
  • Will the Saab 9-3 get a 6-cyl engine again?
  • Are more upscale interiors being developed?
  • What are the odds of getting a 9-3 coupe?
  • Is a joint venture with Volvo possible in the future?
  • Will Inside Saab survive Cheetah?
  • Why didn’t Saab use the eco TTiD engines from the 9-3 in the Saab 9-5?
  • What will Saab do about the dealer network issues it faces, with some dealers closing in various parts of the world?
  • What assurance can Saab provide about the quality of vehicles built in China?
  • Will Saab offer factory tours again?
  • When will Saab begin selling in Mexico?
  • Are there plans to use the old propeller logo in the future (a-la PhoeniX)?
  • What are Saab going to do in terms of marketing in the future? How will you develop awareness of the brand again, and build trust?
  • Will Saab look into customer contributions for ad campaigns?
  • Will Saab look at doing big test drive events for potential customers?

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  1. I belive SAAB cars can make it , they have a great product and have always been an inovator they have the tools to do this but like a lot of companys the depth of money needed to make it in the down turn of the economy has put them in a bad spot . Anything I can do to help I’ll do, as have been reflected in the posts here , Thanks, Dave Columbus Ohio USA . Be Well SAAB cars =) 

  2. Steven you have now a great deal of work …. answering all those questions!

    I would really love to be in Trollhattan for the SU Octobefest … I shall leave t until the SAAB Festival next July …

    Griffin Up!

  3. That will be a very interesting read.  Sure not all of the answers will be what everybody wants to hear, but for those of us with reasonable expectations I suspect, or at least hope, there should be no major negative surprises. Keeping calm and carrying on.

  4. I appreciate, and I’m sure not only me, if you have good answers for all of that good questions that you also spread the word inside Saab org in the “Saab info blad”.  Not every one, employed, read your excellent blog.

  5. Missed to post this question.

    The reason why the Saab homepage (especially the NG9-5SC “Build your Car”) hasnt been updated during these troubled times, is it because its outsourced?
    Otherwise it would have been a good thing updating it so that we could sit and configure “our” new 9-5SC….. 🙂

  6. I saw yet another 9-5 today. What a stunning car, although a little big for me.
    I see more and more of them. As if the production line was actually running. 🙂

  7. Consider telling us what is happening at the factory?  A few people sweeping the floors?  Perhaps a picture of the idle assembly line?

  8. Given that the usual response by an auto manufacturer about future (unannounced) product plans is “we don’t comment on future product plans,” this will be an interesting Q/A.  The warranty and parts questions are pertinent from an education perspective but the warranty issue likely varies by country and might be difficult to cover.  It would be nice to get something substantial about these issues.

    The answer to “Is Vladimir Antonov still interested in Saab?” and “Will Saab seek to pay back the EIB loan?” are both yes.  How much more than that we will hear will be the challenge.  However, if Valadimir is the one given the question about his interest, he may say a little bit more. 

    I think many readers will look forward to seeing the answers.  I’ve set my intial expectations so I’m hoping to be surprised with more than I’m expecting.  But, I’ll understand if that doesn’t happen. 

      1. 97,679 people like Saab Cars – “I think many readers will look forward to seeing the answers. ” I agree. Maybe 100,000 in just a few days.

  9. Thanks Steven.  It’ll be good to know if the new 3 door coupe is really going to happen.  I know Saab has to get the 5 door to market first, but there’s a large percentage of us who’d like the opportunity to by a new 3 door again, perhaps even a Viggen version at some stage too?  I know Viggens also came in 5 door and convertible versions, but to me the definitive Viggen will always be the coupe.  Perhaps the coupe might also be in the spirit of the C900 with a version like the Aero/SPG, maybe even with a similar style body kit too?  That’ would be very good also.  Let’s face it, any darned coupe would be fantastic after all these years of drought!

    Anyway I guess you’ll be quitet hamstrung with your replies, and I fully expect something like a statement a politician would give (no offence intended!), but at least we might get some clue!

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