Video – Steph at the 2011 Saab Owners Convention

One of our Saab Cars North America staffers, Stephanie Moore, attended the 2011 Saab Owners Convention in Parsippany, New Jersey. Steph shot a little film there, and we put together a few bits to commemorate the occasion.

Thanks to all who said hello and made Steph and the rest of the SCNA crew feel so welcome. We’ll see you next year at the SOC in Iowa.

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  1. Thanks everyone for chatting with me at SOC and welcoming me into the Saab Community.  It was my first Owners Convention and it was so great to talk to everyone and get interviews and pictures with you!  Looking forward to seeing you all in Iowa for SOC next year!

  2. Mr. Glenday has been driving Saabs for nearly 50 years – and his late model 9-3 SportCombi is the best he’s owned.  That is great to hear!

  3. Great video, well done Steph. I too fell for Saabs on the basis of Eric Carlsson’s RAC & Monte Carlo rally wins as an impressionable 8 year old in the 60s + a great character, a Polish guy named Fabianski who ran the local Saab dealership in Cleethorpes, England then. I still have a 95/96 brochure that he gave me!

  4. Swade, Four new bankrupcy demands today from a supplier. Why do they do that since it doesnt affect how fast they can get the money from SAAB? Has SAAB upset there suppliers this much so they rather see SAAB dead then they get there money?

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