Saabosphere – links we like this week

I have a feeling that next week, we’re going to be liking a lot of links from Ohio!

For this week, however, here’s a quick run down of some key Saaby stories on the web.


Life with Saab has what I think is a good outsider analysis of what’s expected to be happening today at Saab. I wish there were more to give, but ‘radio silence’ is the buzzword right now and as always, I’m a good soldier.


There is some news buzz floating around the web about salaries at Saab. I can pass on that money has been received under the government guarantee applicable for companies in reconstruction. This doesn’t cover the full month of October, however, and calculations are being made to distribute the funds equitably, which will be done ASAP. Arrears will also be made up as soon as funds are available.


Just Saab, a dealership with two outlets in Ohio, USA, recently participated in an autocross day with a number of their customers.

Saabs United has the full story at that link, with pictures.

The results are here (Saab’s in a separate class). You’ll be amazed at how the 9-4x performed in the Saab group!


Anyone else see the guy on the Maptun Facebook page who tattooed his foot?


Actually, there have been a number of Saab tattoos turning up recently. Perhaps we need a feature investigation on this?


Ericsson have sold their stake in the Sony-Ericsson communications venture to Sony, ending the Swedish company’s interest.

Sad for us, as we used to have a wonderful co-operation with them at motor shows, getting people to take photos of the Saab stand with the Xperia phones.


And finally, a video mashup put together by Saablime that we’ve been liking for a while now.

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