Victor Muller speaks about Saab sale

Saab’s Chairman and CEO, Victor Muller, spoke with Swedish Radio this morning about the deal just announced to sell Saab to Youngman and Pang Da.

As you can tell, the whole thing’s been pretty tiring for him and the Saab executive team. Saab lives, as we all believed it should.

Lyssna: Victor Muller om att Saab blir kinesiskt


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  1. Hopefully we now have a stable and long-lasting solution for Saab! ūüôā
    Thanks to Victor Muller for a tremendous effort!

    1. Not necessarily. Remember that Volvo is also owned by a Chinese company (Geeley), and no one is talking about Volvo’s pending demise.

      1. Indeed. Volvo has been widely acknowledged as being on top of their game right now, this under Chinese ownership. Additionally, Land Rover & Jaguar are done quite well and although people had concerns about their Indian owners, Tata, they too are at the top of their game.

  2. never underestimate the Dutch ūüėČ

    VM, hats off for your efforts for the company. 
    now i really have to start funding on repairing my 9000 Griffin (yep, still lame…), it’s such a great car…

  3. As I have written on SU already, I am very happy for SAAB and all the employees … very upset by the “external” interference and pressure to get rid of VM ….

    Thanks to VM and everyone else for the great effort and work …

  4. Yesterday, in the UK……

    I tried to put fuel into my 9K, but it’s central locking can be temperamental & hence I could not open the fuel flap & had to drive on low fuel.
    Yes, after 5 miles, she sputtered, the engine check light came on & a call to the RAC [Motoring help organization] happened.

    Along came a great guy & 15 minutes later she was flying like the wind again…a good omen, thankfully.

    A bit sad for VM, but sure he’s come out with his pockets full enough.
    Not sure, how I feel about total Chinese ownership of ‘another’ great western company, but better a Saab, than NO Saab atall.

  5. Victor says he will remain involved with Saab in the future; I hope so. He’s one man I feel I can trust to make Saab cars what Saab cars are supposed to be. I hope he doesn’t suffer any personal loss as a result of this deal. Thank you Victor for your tireless efforts.

  6. I am hoping for the best, and grateful that Saab will continue, but not just in name only; I expect that they will build real Saabs (like my 2002 hatchback and 1996 convertible), and that when I pass these cars to my grandchildren Рthey will be able to get parts. 

  7. Haven’t there been MOUs and¬†promises of investment¬†from these two companies¬†before ? What makes this arrangement¬†any different ? Wasn’t it¬†their failure to pay up that got SAAB into bankruptcy protection in the first place.¬†Until the money starts to flow, a little scepticism is necessary. Even if this deal works out there’s a long hard road back ahead. Why ? Just found out that my three year old 95 (one of many SAABs bought new)¬†is only worth 20% of what I paid for it. It strikes me that many of the people using these type of¬†forums don’t buy new SAABs – they buy great used¬†bargains. But what SAAB will need is new car buyers in their droves and perhaps China is the only place that will now happen. Remember. when the ex-GM SAAB was producing cars they didn’t sell enough to generate enough cash to keep the business afloat. My wife will take a lot of persuading before she’ll ever let me buy a new SAAB again so I’ll watch with interest and hold on to my almost worthless 95 until things become clearer.

    1. I understand where you are coming from, but I take exception with your description of your 9-5 as “almost worthless”. Do you love your car? I love my Saab more than I could any other car – to me that’s priceless.

    2. When this calms down, your 9-5 value might even go up!

      I think the “users of these forums” is not only used car buyers, noor new car buyers. The users of these sites is mostly Saab buyers…

    3. Who cares what somebody else wants to pay for you car. Just keep it, and¬†drive it untill it has 500.000 kms – then it will have been the best and at the same time cheapest car you ever had. I bought mine new, and I’m doing just that. Over the period that I had my car (8,5 years), my friends went through 2 or 3 cars, as theirs gave out at 150K – 180K kms. Every month I drive it, I save 800‚ā¨ in lease cost that I otherwise would have spent on my next car.

  8. If I could give Victor one gift of thanks it would be sleep and time alone with his family. 
    Unfortunately, the work doesn’t stop for him.¬† There’s a lot to be done to get to the mid-November close.¬†
    Thank you, Victor and Team Saab, for securing this brand’s future.
    AJ Murphy
    Just Saab

  9. As we have all seen in acquisitions, first will come the announcement that there will be no changes, followed by the announcements of all of the various changes.  Let us all hope that the new ownership can recognize those
    elements that make Saab what it is and keep those elements in place.  They will next need to communicate that
    plan to us loyalists to help settle our nerves and keep us in the camp.  And finally, Steven, my sincere thanks to
    you for telling it like it is when you can, and letting us know when you cannot.  Inside Saab is a valuable tool to
    help us all understand what is going on, and without your honesty and openness, it becomes much harder to
    stay loyal to this brand.

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