A Saab goes to 11, three times, on "Tufnel Day"

Just when you thought the numeric stories for Nigel Tufnel Day were over, another one pops up.

This one is courtesy of the Saab Turbo Club of Sweden.

One of the members at the STCS forum noted a wonderful coincidence back on Friday, which of course, happened to be 11/11/11. I don’t know if he saw his odometer creeping up to this number in the lead-up to Friday and managed his mileage to get this to happen, or if he just had wonderful presence of mind as the magic moment took place, but this is a very good image capture with great timing.

My thanks to Michael for letting me post that serendipitous coincidence here on Inside Saab and also to Mioh for the tip 🙂

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  1. Because America places dates with the month first and the rest of the the world places the day first yesterday the whole world was in harmony. 11-11-11

    Odometers are king of symbolic. When my SPG finally reached the Museum the Odometer read 4,777 and the tripometer was 777. Then the phone rang from Saab announcing that that I was to be awarded the 9-5. Numbers really are special!

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