Poll results – leaked Saab image

The poll’s been up for around 12 hours now and as I thought it might be, it was the busiest poll we’ve held on the site.

I’m pleased to pass on a 93% HOT rating, which I think is also a fair reflection of how good this basic image looks. But remember, it’s just a basic image.


Comments sections are notorious for being a receptacle for complaints. More often than not, it’s the people who don’t like something who are active in saying so, whilst the people who do like something are content to just move on (which is why, IMHO, quality surveys from all the leading players are so flawed, even if we still want to succeed in them).

We invited your feedback and some of you certainly chose to provide it, which is fine. It was great to read your thoughts, both positive and negative. As always, it reminded me of the film clip to one of my favourite songs – Short Skirt, Long Jacket – where you’ve got multiple opinions on the same thing. It’s always interesting to see what people think. I’m not the only one who’ll see the feedback, by the way, so please don’t think it’s just for my entertainment.

A few things I’d like to pass on, from what is now years of experience with multiple new Saab vehicles:

  • A car in an image can look great, but seeing it in person is much better. Seeing at a motor show is good. Seeing it on the road is the best of all. I remember seeing a sketch of the PhoeniX concept for the first time in LA last year. I gave it a very lukewarm reception. I saw the car for real in Geneva five months later and it really shone in person. Then I saw it on the street in New York a month later again, and it blew me away.
  • More importantly, this is just a basic image from some time ago. It’s not definitive and certainly nothing to base your final conclusions on.

And now, for your musical interlude…. the art of gathering public opinion 🙂

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  1. SSLJ is an absolute musical miracle. It may be the only song that, if the five of us are jammed into one of the Saabs, when it comes on the radio that nobody is looking to turn it down or change the station. Maybe Cake could redo it and replace Chrysler LeBaron with Classic Nine Hundred.

  2. I have to agree about seeing a car in the metal versus on a picture. When I first saw the PhoeniX I too was a bit sceptical, but then I got to see it in Stockholm in April and was stunned. The greatness is in the details, the shapes, the lines, the reflections, the shadows, all you can’t see or get an impression of from a picture. And that is also why i decided not to participate in this poll. I just don’t feel ready to judge yet.

  3. Reading SU, it would seem that a whole lot of people got excited about nothing?  I was pretty skeptical and as I said before, I hope the ‘real’ car is a whole lot better.

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